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PerfumeCourrèges - The Summer Air Girl

Courrèges – The Summer Air Girl


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Courrèges - The Summer Air Girl
Courrèges – The Summer Air Girl

The summer season is fast approaching and the creative houses are competing in ingenuity to take us on a journey. So, quickly pack your bags, this time, we have decided to take you on vacation with Courrèges! Indeed, the brand launched the fragrance La Fille de l’Air a year ago , a true tribute to the modern woman multiplying lives and aspirations. Today, this contemporary woman comes in a more aerial and solar version. Courrèges has just announced the upcoming release of La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté, a concentrate of exoticism and lightness.

A revisit of La Fille de l’Air de Courrèges

Of course, as its name suggests, this new Courrèges perfume will unmistakably recall its predecessor, La Fille de l’Air. Moreover, these two essences were developed by the same perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin. Also, like its predecessor, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté clearly highlights the solar luminosity of the orange blossom. After all, what more beautiful ingredient to symbolize summer? Likewise, bergamot will always be there. This will then enrich the composition with its slightly bitter but above all very sparkling freshness. La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté offers us a fairly refined recipe. Likewise, Fabrice Pellegrin has greatly reduced its alcohol concentration so as to make this fragrance non-heady and very appreciable, even on a hot summer day. Furthermore, its clean side is in total correlation with the style of the brand’s ready-to-wear line. Undoubtedly, La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté is fully anchored in the desire for renewal of the Courrèges brand.

The evolution of the Courrèges woman

If Courrèges recently undertook to bring its image up to date, it is quite simply because women have particularly evolved in recent decades. Indeed, Courrèges was born in the Sixties, while the female ambition was with the release. Nevertheless, the daily life of women is totally transformed today. The latter multiply the activities and endow themselves with a particularly busy life, both personally and professionally. The woman of today would like to be everywhere at the same time. Also, it is clearly on this point that the essences La Fille de l’Air and the new La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté are based. The latter seem to be thought of as an aerial woman capable of evaporating in a snap of the fingers. The latter would then leave only its subtle floral scent behind. Indeed, even if today’s woman lives at 100 per hour, there is no question of abandoning her seductive side. Courrèges understood this well.La Fille de l’Air Eau d’Eté is the perfect combination of sensuality , lightness and modernity. He promises to make many happy next May.

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