BrandGuerlainCologne du 68 or the prestigious address of Guerlain

Cologne du 68 or the prestigious address of Guerlain


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Cologne du 68 or the prestigious address of Guerlain
Cologne du 68 or the prestigious address of Guerlain

Cologne at 68, like Guerlain’s prestigious address on the Champs Elysées

We are talking to you a short time ago about the perfume of L’Homme Idéal from Guerlain. Today we present you the unisex Cologne perfume from 68.

When we discover this name of perfume for the very first time, it tends to surprise. Also, rest assured, we are going to enlighten you because, obviously, the name of Cologne of 68 has a meaning. In addition, it refers to two elements. On the one hand, Guerlain has its most prestigious address at 68, avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris. On the other hand, this essence, signed by perfumer Sophie Labbé, is made up of 68 ingredients. As you will have understood, this daring creation has chosen its theme and this number then takes on its full meaning as if to become a veritable golden number for the house of Guerlain.

Is Guerlain superstitious?

To believe the name of this fragrance, it could be that Guerlain is somewhat superstitious. However, it seems that the house was right to bet on this number. Indeed, 68 rhymes since 2006, date of the appearance of this Cologne, with a rather happy coincidence. It must be said that this “stroke of luck” dates back to its beginnings. Indeed, Guerlain was one of the first to settle on the Champs Elysées. Who would have thought at the time that this new commercial artery designed on an old swamp would become one of the most beautiful avenues in the world? And yet… This Cologne from 68 seems to be much more than a perfume, it is a legacy of the history of the house of Guerlain. Also, it absolutely had to bring together noble raw materials to live up to all the prestige of this great French house.

Cologne du 68, an original and tenacious creation

Cologne from 68contains exactly 68 ingredients. It was produced by Sophie Labbé and undoubtedly belongs to the very elegant register of Guerlain. It takes off with energizing citrus notes such as green mandarin, lime and petitgrain. It then plays on contrasts and spices up with cardamom, coriander, ginger and pepper. Then, the myrtle, the immortelle and the mastic tree give it an aromatic touch immediately softened by a perfectly ripe and perfectly juicy pear. The heart includes orange blossom, frangipani flower, jasmine and iris. This floral blend then gives a dose of delicacy to Cologne from 68. Finally, it ends with a very woody and assertive base where we can distinguish cedar, vetiver, cypress, and oud wood. To finish, benzoin and opoponax try to soften the whole. The composition is borrowed from an extreme refinement and one undeniably feels the class and the mastery of the very famous Guerlain house.

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