BrandArmaniCode Colonia, a fragrance combining virility and sensuality

Code Colonia, a fragrance combining virility and sensuality


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Code Colonia, a fragrance combining virility and sensuality
Code Colonia, a fragrance combining virility and sensuality

Known around the world for its elegant and sophisticated creations, the Armani brand never ceases to be talked about. His style is always synonymous with high quality and authenticity. Thus, the Armani look is immediately recognizable. Also, it is now available in a brand new fragrance. This juice enriches the emblematic Armani Code collection and is called Code Colonia. This assortment of fragrances was created in 2004 and continues to reinvent itself. So, let’s see a little more closely if this new essence manages once again to create a surprise or if it begins to fall into banality …

Armani reinvents one of the major accords in perfumery

On the one hand, if Armani Code Colonia is based on one of the most famous pairings in men’s perfumery, it should be noted that it has been completely reinterpreted. Indeed, Code Colonia belongs to the fern family, one of the seven olfactory categories of perfumery. However, it has been completely redesigned here. Armani Code Coloniacombines multiple facets of masculinity in a single scent. Its incisive start reveals all the freshness of citrus fruits. Thus, it combines tangerine, bitter orange, lemon and bergamot. This flavor is also spicy with pink pepper. Other ingredients such as heliotrope or orange blossom give it its floral side. Scarlée sage makes it more aromatic. Finally, it all ends with an elegant tonka bean base. The blend is particularly daring and complex. Nevertheless, it turns out to be very harmonious.

Armani Code Colonia and its bottle synonymous with infinity

Likewise, if Armani Code Colonia has the same silhouette as its predecessors, it dares for the very first time the transparency of blue. This color was not chosen at random. Indeed, it is one of the most universal colors. It is just as evocative of the night as it is of the sky or the sea. It creates a kind of appeasement here. Its glass case has also been thickened. Thus, Armani Code Colonia seems to possess more depth, which only increases its refinement. Its glass column gives us a nice bluish gradient while its shiny and opaque cabochon gives the whole more modernity. Finally, an elegant ribbed collar also enhances the whole.

The seductive muse of Code Colonia

However, as if all this were not enough to establish the notoriety of Armani Code Colonia, the brand has also chosen to bring to this perfume a particularly tempting muse. Women will not come and tell us otherwise! This is the American actor Chris Pine. This perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand. It only conveys here a more elegant and charismatic image of this perfume. What’s more, her ice-blue gaze pairs beautifully with Code Colonia’s new look.

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