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PerfumeClover & Vetiver, the spring scent of Berdoues

Clover & Vetiver, the spring scent of Berdoues


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Clover & Vetiver, the spring scent of Berdoues
Clover & Vetiver, the spring scent of Berdoues

Trèfle & Vétiver, a spring composition for the 1902 collection of Berdoues

Berdoues is today a globally recognized brand, with three perfume licenses and four own brands. A specialist in perfumes and cosmetics, Berdoues has built a real luxury empire for itself in just over 100 years of existence. Very focused on the future and internationally, Berdoues never forgets its origins and its authenticity. It is precisely in this context that the 1902 collection was made, in homage to its creation date. Within this olfactory blend, Trèfle & Vétiver takes us to a very vegetal and spring-like territory.

1902, when it all started …

The 1902 collection refers to the year in which the Berdoues house was built., in the heart of Toulouse. Pierre and Guillaume founded this company by making a first amber Eau de Cologne, which was immediately a dazzling success. This is how the brand’s notoriety gradually developed. To date, Berdoues is a brand present in 42 countries, which produces more than 7 million products each year, or more than 400,000 liters of perfumes! If the scope of Berdoues today clearly exceeds the borders of France, the brand has not lost any of its authenticity. Today, the 1902 collection reminds us of its history. It is a question here of lifting the veil on “a unique and authentic olfactory universe where each fragrance sublimates the richness of nature with a modern note”, explains Sophie Berdoues. “Having made its first appearance in the form of an Eau de Cologne,

Berdoues opts for a minimalist and timeless bottle

To reflect this authenticity, Berdoues has chosen to present the Trèfle & Vétiver fragrance to us in a timeless bottle, which we do not really know if it belongs to the beginning of the 20th century or to our present time. Forming a thick cylinder of glass, this bottle lights up in a captivating and instantly invigorating green color. A fairly classic white label is placed on its front, while a chrome cap makes the whole more contemporary. The 100 ml spray from Trèfle & Vétiver is presented to us in a cardboard box with a few green clover leaves, for perfect consistency between the design of this bottle and the fragrance it contains.

The fresh and green scent of Clover & Vetiver

Trèfle & Vétiver de Berdoues only reveals its main ingredients from its heart notes. The clover gives them a very refreshing and invigorating side. Then, the more smoky and woody smell of vetiver makes its appearance at its base, to make the whole thing more charismatic and tenacious. At first, Trèfle & Vétiver lights up with jasmine, the star flower of perfumery, accompanied by a green and juicy apple.

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