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Beauty CareClinique's Super Energizer treatment for men

Clinique’s Super Energizer treatment for men


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Clinique's Super Energizer treatment for men
Clinique‘s Super Energizer treatment for men

Clinique’s Super Energizer SPF40, when vitality, defenses and hydration become one!

Clinique was initially recognized around the world for its three-step feminine beauty ritual. The brand has made a name for itself by developing accessible care but primarily specialized in the beauty of women. Gradually, Clinique realized that men also needed cosmetics, but that they had very different skin than women. This is how the Clinique For Men range was born . Today, a new, more energizing and hydrating product is coming to this department. Rich in many simultaneous benefits, Super Energizer SPF40 already promises to give your skin a second youth!

Why do men have specific skin needs?

Clinique’s Super Energizer SPF40 responds to the peculiarities of male skin. Indeed, men have thicker skin than women. The latter also has more dilated pores. It is therefore covered with a larger quantity of sebum, which tends to give rise to more imperfections but which also protects it more effectively from daily attacks. As a result, male skin ages less quickly than that of women. On the other hand, when the wrinkles settle there, they are also deeper and more marked. In addition, men’s skin is hit hard by the daily aggressions of shaving, a very irritating and drying action. The Super Energizer SPF40 alone has multiple benefits and responds to all these issues at the same time, while relaxing the face.

The multiple actions of Super Energizer SPF40

The hydrating power of Super Energizer SPF40

Clinique Men’s Super Energizer SPF40 is a very hydrating treatment that preserves a perfect water level in the heart of the cells. It acts for 12 consecutive hours and maintains a feeling of absolute comfort. With it, men no longer suffer from irritation or tightness.

The Super Energizer SPF40, a youth care

Clinique for Men Super Energizer SPF40 also contains strong sun protection that fights UV and infrared rays. Day after day, it protects the skin from one of the main factors responsible for skin aging. Very antioxidant, it fights against the action of free radicals and thus attenuates wrinkles. Over time, Super Energizer SPF40 improves skin texture. In addition, the Super Energizer SPF40 also acts as an antipollution filter. It fights against environmental aggressions and protects the skin like a real shield. Rich in hyaluronic acid, glycerin and trehalose, it is a very effective anti-aging agent!

Super Energizer SPF40, an anti fatigue

Finally, as its name suggests, Clinique Men Super Energizer SPF40 reduces signs of fatigue. Rich in caffeine, it energizes and stimulates blood circulation. It revives the radiance of your skin and gives a feeling of immediate and lasting vitality. It is like an energy booster in the heart of your cells!

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