Beauty CareClinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula


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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula
Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

Developed by Clinique dermatologists, this program provides superb and perfectly healthy skin. The Basic 3 Stroke program is a unique care system that has proven its effectiveness around the world. The Basic 3 Stroke meets the specific needs of each skin. This is why Clinique has developed formulas that vary according to the different types of skin. Choose the kit adapted to the specific needs of your skin, and establish your ritual, namely Cleanse – Exfoliate – Moisturize. Here, Clinique presents Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula, for healthy glowing skin

Your Liquid Facial Lotion is therefore the first step of the famous Basic 3 Temps, ie cleansing your skin. It’s a gentle formula that leaves the skin feeling fresh, and truly comfortable. You can choose the right formula for your skin type. The Liquid Face Soap of the Basic 3 Time program removes impurities and excess sebum from your skin, thus freeing it from the attacks it has suffered while maintaining its natural balance in lipids and water. Formulated by dermatologists, your Liquid Facial Soap should be used morning and evening for perfectly healthy skin. Its soft foam leaves the skin supple, cleans gently and rinses easily. The Liquid Face Soap optimally prepares the skin for the second stage of Basic 3 Temps. Your Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is for combination to oily skin.
Very dry to dry skin, Here your skin is uncomfortable and tight all over the face.
Dry to combination skin, Here, your skin is uncomfortable and tight mainly on the T zone.
Combination to oily skin, Here, your skin is oily or shiny all over the face, your skin is comfortable on the cheeks, but above all oily or shiny on the T zone.

How to use your Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

It is advisable to use your Clinique Soap twice a day, morning and evening. Lather it in your hands with lukewarm water. Apply by massaging on the face and neck previously cleansed. Rinse thoroughly. Finally, pat dry. Then continue with steps 2 and 3 of Basic 3-Step, namely the Clarifying Lotion and the Clinical Moisturizing Emulsion. Your Liquid Facial Soap is contained in a light green-colored pump-bottle with a capacity of 200 ml.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula is part of the first step of the Clinique program, the Basic 3 Step, namely, cleansing your skin. Mainly designed for combination to oily skin, your Liquid Facial Soop is essential after your care.

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