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BrandClinique Dramatically Different Lipstick

Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick


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Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick
Clinique Dramatically Different Lipstick

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lipstick, the secret to a smoother, smoother smile

Lipstick is one of the best-selling beauty products on the planet. Women love it and it has no equal to highlight one of their most beautiful asset of seduction: their smile. What’s more, over the years, its formula has greatly evolved.

More comfortable than before, it no longer dries the lips and adheres more over time. Add to that all the expertise of Clinique lipsticks and you will get one of the most popular lipsticks of the moment: the Perfect Contour Lipstick. So, how about giving your skin a flamboyant, long-lasting color, paired with soothing skin care actives?

The Perfect Contour Lipstick and its many colors

Clinique’s Contour Parfait Lipstick comes in a chrome-plated metal tube, both sober but sophisticated. Infinitely elegant, just twist it to discover its color. The Dramatically Different Lipstick is available in an infinite number of different shades. It adapts to all your desires, whether you choose the discretion of its nudes, the freshness of its roses, the sensuality of a red or the solar radiance of a coral. The Perfect Contour Lipstick offers a satin finish and adaptable coverage.

In a simple pass, it preserves a certain transparency. On the other hand, by repeating its application several times, it becomes perfectly opaque. Its sculpted tip, meanwhile, allows you to make up your mouth with absolute precision, whatever the size of your lips. The Perfect Contour Lipstick offers you a very comfortable and quick-drying make-up. From then on, it adheres to your skin for 8 hours, enough to shine from early morning until evening!

The care actives contained in Dramatically Different Lipstick

In addition to its wide variety of colors, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Lipstick also has a surprising heart. Inside its grape hides a central white nucleus. The latter becomes completely transparent when it mixes with the color of the Perfect Contour Lipstick. On the other hand, it hides many benefits. It works continuously on your mouth to make it more beautiful and more comfortable. For this, it contains a formula rich in peptides, amino acids widely used in cosmetics.

These moisturizing and nutritious active ingredients stimulate and repair your skin’s collagen system. Gradually, they fight against sagging skin and improve the appearance of your smile. The Dramatically Different Lipstick benefits from all of Clinique’s expertise in cosmetics. It gradually shapes the mouth and preserves you from feelings of tightness. Finally, as it is designed without parabens, perfumes and phthalates, it adapts perfectly to all skin types, even the most sensitive. Clinique Contour Parfait Lipstick goes far beyond color and acts as a treatment in its own right.

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