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Beauty CareCleanse your skin with Sisley Deep Purifying Mask

Cleanse your skin with Sisley Deep Purifying Mask


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Cleanse your skin with Sisley Deep Purifying Mask
Cleanse your skin with Sisley Deep Purifying Mask

On a daily basis, our skin is subject to multiple attacks. It suffers the full brunt of temperature variations as well as the effects of pollution. What’s more, makeup also helps to suffocate it and prevent it from breathing properly. So, all make-up specialists will tell you: it is essential to clean your skin daily to maintain its natural beauty and radiance. If removing makeup is an essential step, however, note that it is not enough. Thus, specific treatments are developed to purify the epidermis. This is particularly the case with the Deep Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins from Sisley.

What is a purifying treatment?

Purifying masks are used to re-oxygenate the skin. Indeed, the epidermis sometimes suffers from our environment and our little quirks. This helps make it duller, less smooth, and less shiny. This effect results in a more granular and cloudy epidermis as well as the appearance of blackheads. It is therefore precisely at this moment that the use of a purifying mask intervenes. Long controversial, this product has undergone major upheavals in recent years and is now perfectly effective and respectful of the epidermis. So forget the sayings that say that purifying treatments strip the skin and make it as dry as the Gobi desert. These contain multiple active ingredients and are now perfectly respectful of the natural balance of your skin. Furthermore,all the expertise of the Sisley house , a real guarantee of quality.

The benefits of the Deep Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins

Sisley’s Deep Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins appears to be an immediate relief treatment. Indeed, unlike most other cosmetic products, this one acts instantly and not after several weeks of use. Its texture takes the form of a mask and must rest on the skin for ten minutes before being rinsed thoroughly with water. Likewise, Sisley’s Deep Purifying Tropical Resin Mask can also be used topically and left overnight. It allows the small buttons to dry out and considerably reduce their volume. This exceptional treatment absorbs excess sebum and eliminates impurities. Thus, it makes the skin more matte without ever drying it out. Thanks to its extracts of benzoin and burdock, Sisley’s Deep Purifying Mask leaves behind an immediately clearer and fresher complexion. The white clay as well as the lady’s mantle leaves contained in its composition allow them to tighten the pores. Finally, D-Panthenol and myrrh and frankincense extracts help reduce redness.

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