Beauty CareClarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover All Skin Types

Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover All Skin Types


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Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover All Skin Types
Clarins Tonic Express Make-up Remover All Skin Types

Founded in 1954 under the leadership of Jacques Courtin, the Clarins brand aimed to dedicate itself to the beauty of women. If the objective is largely exceeded, the Clarins brand has become the symbol of high quality care. The great novelty of the house of Clarins lies in the fact that its treatments are made up solely of 100% plants. In 2007, Clarins laboratories were the first in selective perfumery to obtain BPL (Good Laboratory Practices) accreditation with the grade A, the highest rating issued by the French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products. Here, Clarins presents its “Tonic Express All Skin Makeup Remover”.

What actions and benefits for Clarins Tonic Express All Skin Makeup Remover

The “Tonic Express All Skin Makeup Remover” removes make-up and cleanses thanks to its two-phase formula. It refreshes, revives the natural radiance of the skin with a detoxifying effect. Its unique combination is that of a makeup remover and a lotion and offers a more beautiful and much clearer skin. Thanks to its double-action formula with mild extracts of orange and moringa seeds, your “Tonic Express All Skin Tonic Cleanser” removes all traces of make-up, impurities and dead cells. Result, your complexion is fresh and your skin is radiant with beauty. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this two-phase makeup remover soothes and respects all skin types. Among its active ingredients, there are ultra-fine oils that perfectly remove make-up and cleanse your skin. Moringa seed extracts neutralize the effects of pollution and detoxify the skin, in order to restore it to its original quality and radiance. Finally, orange sap refreshes, tones and invigorates your face.

Clarins Tonic Express Makeup Remover All Skin Types, tips for use

To get the best from your Clarins makeup remover, it is recommended to shake the bottle well to mix the two phases well. Then, soak a cotton ball and dab the face to loosen the impurities. Turn the cotton over and smooth. No need to rinse. Your skin is illuminated with health. Its 200 ml bottle is white and orange to represent the two phases. Its cap is round and white symbolizing the purity of your skin.

Clarins “Tonic Express All Skin Makeup Remover” cleanses and removes make-up from your skin thanks to its two-phase lotion. Your skin is fresh, but also free of all its impurities. She exudes health.

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