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Beauty CareClarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion, the anti-UV shield!

Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion, the anti-UV shield!


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Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion, the anti-UV shield!
Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion, the anti-UV shield!

Protect yourself from UV rays with Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion

The sun is absolutely essential for life. In addition, it promotes the absorption of calcium and is also a real good mood booster. However, when you are exposed to its UV rays, it is very important to remain vigilant. Indeed, excessive repeated exposure to the sun can damage your skin surface, increase the risk of skin cancer and leave lasting marks on your skin. To help you protect yourself properly, Clarins has therefore designed a Medium Protection Non-Greasy Lotion. This is an excellent compromise to preserve while still having a nice tan.

Why protect yourself from UV rays?

We cannot say it enough: it is absolutely essential to protect yourself when exposed to the sun. Indeed, UV rays tend to attack the skin and damage it durably. They dry it out and promote the action of free radicals. In the long term, the sun is a real accelerator of aging. It promotes the appearance of wrinkles, but also pigment spots. So, even if you are tanned, and if the sun is not very strong, protection is necessary. Needless to say, it is all the more important if you have very pale skin, and you expose yourself between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, where the light intensity is the highest.

The Medium Protection Non-Greasy Lotion, a sun spray for moderate sunshine

The lotion No Grasse Average Clarins Protection is not designed for all people who have very sensitive skin. It is intended for all individuals who are already tanned, and who are exposed to moderate sunshine. It is therefore ideal all year round if your skin surface is already tanned, and if you go out in the sun outside the sunniest and hottest hours. It still offers good cellular protection, on condition that you renew its application frequently. Its fluid texture glides over the skin and leaves a delicate scent and a satin veil. Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion does not stick and provides a real moment of pleasure.

The ingredients contained in the Clarins Non-Greasy Medium Protection Lotion

Like many Clarins products, the Medium Protection Non-Greasy Lotion is a sun spray that contains multiple plant ingredients. It therefore benefits from all of the brand’s expertise in aromatherapy. Plane bark extract optimizes your skin’s natural defenses. Gold ear leaf increases your skin resistance. Finally, aloe vera and vitamin E hydrate and durably protect your skin. Thanks to the Medium Protection Non-Greasy Lotion, your skin will only be softer and more comfortable.

For an even more lasting tan, we recommend that you apply it in addition to a Clarins After Sun treatment, to be spread on your skin after each exposure.

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