BrandClarins, new Joli Rouge Lacquer

Clarins, new Joli Rouge Lacquer


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Clarins, new Joli Rouge Lacquer
Clarins, new Joli Rouge Lacquer

Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins, the secret of a trendy and lastingly protected smile

Lipstick is one of the best-selling beauty products in the world, and women have loved it for many decades now. It must be said that there is no equal when it comes to waking up the face and giving it a more sophisticated style! However, in the past, lipstick was often considered too drying. Today, its formula has greatly evolved. Lipstick is becoming more trendy than ever while benefiting from the expertise of the biggest cosmetic brands. At Clarins, the latest innovation is called Joli Rouge Lacquer. This shiny lacquer comes in countless colors and will protect your smile for many hours.

The sophisticated look of Joli Rouge Lacquer

The Joli Rouge Clarins Lacquer is a new generation red lips, which is fully consistent with the trends. As the name suggests, it provides a glossy, vinyl finish. In other words, it has the coverage and opacity of a classic lipstick, paired with the mirror shine of a gloss. Its adhesion is absolute and its shine acts like a real trompe-l’oeil, giving the impression of fuller and more voluminous lips. As you will have understood, Joli Rouge Lacquer is an ideal product for all women who have a thin mouth and who wish to give it a more glamorous side.

Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins
Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins

The Joli Rouge Lacquer comes in a small golden and colorful tube, refined and elongated. The color of each tube is the same as the color inside, making it easier to identify your lipstick. It must be said that the choice offered by Clarins is not lacking! Joli Rouge Lacquer is available in countless colors, ranging from more nude and natural colors to other shades that are much more sustained and flamboyant. Each of them displays exceptional shine and impeccable hold. This result is linked to the high concentration of vegetable oil in this product, which nevertheless represents more than 70% of its recipe.

Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins, the secret of absolute comfort

Not content with depositing a sublime color on your smile, Joli Rouge Lacquer by Clarins also takes care of your smile over the long term. Indeed, it benefits from all the expertise of the brand in terms of beauty. Joli Rouge Lacquer is enriched with salicornia, a product widely used in cosmetics, renowned for its strong moisturizing power, and its ability to retain water in the heart of skin cells. Salicornia stimulates the natural hydration mechanisms of your mouth and thus protects one of the most sensitive areas of your face. Over time, Joli Rouge Lacquer sublimates your skin and makes your lips plumper, softer and more plump. With it, you will no longer feel the sensation of tightness and will no longer see ugly cracks appearing!

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