BrandClarins Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Serum

Clarins Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Serum


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Super Lift Multi-Regenerating Eye Serum
Super Lift Multi-Regenerating Eye Serum

Enhance your eyes with the Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Contour Serum

Since its creation in 1954, Clarins has never stopped perfecting its products. Innovation is at the heart of its concerns and Clarins notably studies all the richness of plants to put them at the service of your skin. In this process of constant creativity, Clarins strives to respond precisely to all the needs of your skin. However, it must be recognized that certain areas of our body are more affected by skin problems. The eye contour, for example, is a particularly fragile part of our face. It is therefore to take care of it day after day and to beautify it over time that the Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Contour Serum has been designed.

Why is the eye area so fragile?

The skin around the eyes is the first area to see the signs of aging. Indeed, it is a place of our face where the epidermis is particularly thin and yet very stressed. The eye area is a part of our skin that is poor in sebaceous glands and collagen and elastin fibers. However, this area does not hide less than 22 muscles in continuous movement. To give you an idea, know that your eyelids make an average of 10,000 beats per day! What’s more, the eyes are a very strong expression area on your face. All these elements cause the skin to show wrinkles and signs of fatigue more quickly. To combat these natural effects, it is therefore recommended to apply a specific treatment, both effective but gentle and respectful of the epidermis.

The benefits of the Super Lift Multi-Regenerating Eye Contour Serum

Clarins has therefore integrated all its know-how into the heart of the Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Contour Serum.. The objective of this treatment is to prevent the appearance of bags, dark circles and wrinkles on this specific area of ​​your skin. The Multi-Regenerating Eye Contour Super Lift Serum can be used morning and evening, on all skin types. It is particularly recommended from the age of 40. From then on, it gives the gaze a feeling of calm. Your eyes immediately appear more rested and your gaze thus becomes more sparkling. The Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Contour Serum acts on several aspects at the same time. It gently tightens the epidermis and plays on its elasticity. It illuminates the eyes, regenerates and firms the skin. Its decongestant freshness reduces puffiness. The Multi-Regenerating Super Lift Eye Contour Serum blurs dark circles. As it leaves the skin smoother, it also makes your makeup easier and allows it to adhere better throughout the day. Finally, it acts as a real protective shield and helps your face to protect itself from the harmful effects of pollution.

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