Beauty CareClarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream

Clarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream


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Clarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream
Clarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream

Repair your skin while you sleep with Clarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream

Clarins is the embodiment of a true family success story. Its creator, Jacques Courtin, started from nothing and succeeded in building a real luxury empire. Today, Clarins is considered one of the world’s premier luxury beauty brands. It has been satisfying women’s desires for well-being for more than 50 years, providing them with the best of plants and beauty treatments. Clarins embodies one of the most brilliant French success stories. Respectful of plants and the environment, it knows how to listen to its consumers. Concerned about preserving their beauty as long as possible, Clarins has developed a Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin, a product specifically designed for dry skin, to help it recharge its batteries while you sleep.

Nighttime skin activity

While the night is a time when you sleep, your skin, on the other hand, is working hard. If the organism slows down, the body takes the opportunity to regenerate itself. The epidermis is constantly evolving, day and night, because it must adapt to our environment. During the day, it protects your body from external aggressions. At night, on the other hand, the tranquility offers it a moment more conducive to its regeneration. Indeed, the multiplication of skin cells is maximum around one o’clock in the morning. Conversely, it is at its lowest around 1 p.m. At night, your skin renews and repairs itself. It operates a process of cell division and brings up the dead and old cells to the surface of your body to light them up and replace them with newer and more vigorous cells. Likewise, during the night, blood circulation is also more intense. This is explained by the energy required for cell renewal. As the skin is less wary of external aggressions, it is also less waterproof and therefore more permeable. Therefore, it absorbs more of the healing you apply to it. It is therefore precisely to help it regenerate that Clarins has developed its Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin.

Firm your skin with the Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin

Clarins Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin is used in the evening on cleansed and makeup-removed skin. It is intended for all people over 40, whose skin is naturally dry. This treatment is the perfect complement to the Multi-Regenerating Day creams from Clarins. It takes over their effectiveness overnight. Its very firming formula activates cell renewal. The Multiregenerating Cream Night Dry Skinby Clarins revives cellular dynamics during your sleep and thus makes your skin visibly younger. At the same time, it also prevents the appearance of pigment spots. Indeed, the Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin also slows down the production of melanin and thus standardizes the color of the skin. By bringing more density to your epidermis, the Multi Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin improves your skin firmness, and reshapes the oval of your face. Its supple and soft texture immediately penetrates the heart of the epidermis and brings immediate soothing.

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