BrandClarinsClarins Multi-Active Day Jelly, the anti-first wrinkle agent!

Clarins Multi-Active Day Jelly, the anti-first wrinkle agent!


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Clarins Multi-Active Day Jelly, the anti-first wrinkle agent!
Clarins Multi-Active Day Jelly, the anti-first wrinkle agent!

Clarins Multi-Active Day Jelly, the treatment to fight against the first wrinkles

Clarins is a French family-owned company that has become over time a true giant of high-end beauty. Since its creation in 1954, Clarins has risen to the rank of European leader in care, counting as such numerous institutes throughout the world. If Clarins enjoys such notoriety, it is because it meets multiple needs and is therefore aimed at a wide audience. His know-how and his constant research have enabled him to develop ever more successful recipes. The Multi-Active Day Jelly is a perfect example. This anti-fatigue treatment is the essential ally to visibly reduce the first wrinkles.

When do the first wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles are a totally natural phenomenon that we all fear, just like white hair or cellulite. But do you really know when these first appear? In reality, fine lines, that is to say, small, shallow wrinkles, already appear from the age of 20! They mark the very beginning of skin aging but are often indicative of a lack of hydration of the epidermis. Generally, the very first wrinkles occur on the eye area because it is a very stressed and more fragile area. Then, expression lines appear around the age of 30. They are the reflection of our emotions most often demonstrated. Deep wrinkles, on the other hand, occur at the age of 50 on average.

Act early to prolong the youthfulness of your skin with Multi-Active Day Jelly

Taking all these elements into account, you will understand that it is never too early to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The Jelly Multi-Active Day Clarinsis used to prevent their appearance, to hydrate your skin and to boost its radiance. This treatment is used more particularly on oily to combination skin. He is the ally of thirties to help them fight the stress of sometimes intense days. After all, wouldn’t you want lack of sleep to show on your face? Clarins Multi-Active Day Jelly helps you fight against the signs of fatigue. This particularly moisturizing treatment awakens the natural luminosity of the skin. It benefits from the latest scientific advances and is based on a composition mainly made from plants. The Multi-Active Day Jelly thus limits the appearance of the first wrinkles. Hour after hour, it revitalizes the skin and gives you an immediate healthy glow. Your face is then better hydrated and lastingly protected. Multi-Active Day Jelly works wonders from its application but also over the long term. Your beauty is instantaneous. The Multi-Active Day Jelly can then be covered with make-up. This is an excellent treatment to incorporate into your beauty routine, well before switching to real anti-aging creams.

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