BrandClarins Graphik Ink Liner Long Wear Felt Eyeliner

Clarins Graphik Ink Liner Long Wear Felt Eyeliner


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Clarins Graphik Ink Liner Long Wear Felt Eyeliner
Clarins Graphik Ink Liner Long Wear Felt Eyeliner

Since 1954, the Clarins house has been the symbol of aesthetics, well-being and beauty . While the time is for the liberation of feminine mores, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the founder, will lead this fight by affirming to women, “Yes, you are beautiful! “. You should know that between a synthetic product and a plant, with equivalent efficacy, Clarins will always choose the plant. This is the absolute rule of Clarins researchers. Clarins formulas thus contain more than 250 plant ingredients. Here, Clarins presents us with a small revolution in cosmetics, the “Graphik Ink Liner Long-lasting Felt Eyeliner”.


The incomparable qualities of the Graphik Ink Liner Long-Wear Felt Eyeliner from Clarins

Halfway between pencil and liquid eyeliner, felt-tip eyeliner is nevertheless more complicated to use. A real revolution for many women, the eyeliner-felt is now everywhere. Indeed, all cosmetic brands offer their own felt eyeliner. Clarins has therefore not escaped the trend and has imagined “Graphik Ink Liner Eyeliner Felt Long Hold”. The eyeliner-felt has the advantage of offering ease of application. Unlike liquid eyeliner, it is much easier to handle and does not require a lot of experience to be successful with your eye makeup. “Graphik Ink Liner” contains pure “carbon black” pigments which catch the light and give more density to the color. Your gaze will thus appear twice as intense. Its maneuverability will allow you to make a clear and precise line, and it stands up to any test. Your eyeliner line will stay sharp all day long. You should know that the Graphik Ink Liner removes make-up very easily. With its fine tip, all daring is allowed. You can thus opt for a glamorous, rock, retro or chic look. With its intense black color, your Clarins eyeliner highlights your eyes for hours.

Clarins Graphik Ink Liner Long-Wear Felt Eyeliner, how to use

To achieve a classic look, it is advisable to apply the eyeliner-felt on the upper eyelid. For a more intense look, you can add a stroke on the lower eyelid. The soft, flame-shaped felt tip follows the contours of your eye perfectly, ensuring you have a seamless pattern with perfect precision. Whether you are an expert or not, your result will always be perfect.
Clarins Graphik Ink Liner Long Lasting Felt Eyelineris an eyeliner-felt revolution. Whether you want a “Cat-Eye” look, doe eyes or a graphic look, Graphik Ink eyeliner allows women to let their personality and imagination run wild. Thanks to its ultra-precise and easy-to-use felt-tip pen, you can now dare all the lines.

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