Beauty CareClarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray, for a peaceful tan!

Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray, for a peaceful tan!


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Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray, for a peaceful tan!

Tan safely with Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray

The Clarins brand has extensive expertise in the field of beauty. Its products are the result of decades of know-how. Clarins now offers many solutions to enhance your skin. However, all of these efforts are in vain if you do not take your precautions when exposing yourself to the sun. If the sun’s rays are particularly good for morale, they are on the other hand very harmful for the skin. So, how about enhancing your tan safely with Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray?

The harmful effects of UV rays

UV rays cause certain health risks. They are particularly harmful to the skin. Overexposure to the sun can first make the epidermis redden while giving it a burning sensation. This is called a sunburn. Besides this immediate effect, overexposure to UV rays can also have long-term consequences. This causes premature appearance of wrinkles and hardening of the skin. In certain areas, the epidermis may also become discolored or, on the contrary, see brown spots appear. Loss of elasticity is also one of the consequences. Finally, in more serious cases, the sun can cause cancerous lesions.

Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray, a powerful cream

Clarins Fluid Milk Sun Spray contains sun protection at index 50. This is the highest protection index. In other words, the Safety Fluid Milk Sun Spray is intended for all people with very fair skin or who wish to be intensely exposed to the sun for several hours. So, whether you are redhead or blonde, you will no longer have to fear the summer season and you will only have the best memories of the sun. The Safety Fluid Milk Sun Spray acts directly on the epidermis’ natural defenses and strengthens them. Thus, your skin is preserved from premature aging. The Safety Fluid Milk Sun Spray is a real shield that reflects all the negative effects of the sun.

Enhance your tan with Safety Milk Fluid Sun Spray

For a successful tan and a nice memory of your vacation, you still need to know how to apply some Clarins advice. First of all, to obtain a uniform and radiant tan, we advise you to exfoliate your body a few days before your first exposure. Then, equip yourself with sun protection adapted to your skin. If it is very clear, the Safety Milk Fluid Sun Spray will do the job perfectly. Likewise, it is an excellent sunscreen for the first days of exposure, regardless of your skin. Then renew the application at least every two hours, and after each swim. Once your tanning session is over, enhance your skin even further by applying an after-sun treatment.

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