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BrandClarins Everlasting Compact High Hold & Comfort Foundation

Clarins Everlasting Compact High Hold & Comfort Foundation


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Everlasting Compact High Hold & Comfort Foundation
Everlasting Compact High Hold & Comfort Foundation

Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9, a brand new foundation from Clarins

Since its creation in 1954, Clarins has experienced a phenomenal rise. She made nature her main source of creation. “Plants are our science,” they say. To date, Clarins’ formulas contain more than 250 plant ingredients whose sole mission is to take care of your natural beauty. The brand’s innovation is permanent and can also be found in the make-up department.

Clarins invents what beauty needs and constantly perfects what already exists. This is how the brand revisited its line of foundations to create the Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9.

Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9, a mineral foundation

Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9 is a mineral makeup. In other words, it is made up of minerals extracted from the ground which come in the form of a powder. Its formula is ideal for obtaining a perfect complexion while letting the epidermis breathe.

Indeed, classic foundations tend to attack the skin and accentuate imperfections over the long term. The Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9 is different. It benefits from all of Clarins’ expertise and takes care of your beauty. It unifies your skin and illuminates it while lastingly caring for its beauty.

It treats the epidermis and offers you a porcelain doll-like finish in a single pass. On oily skin, the new Clarins foundation absorbs excess sebum and masks imperfections. Indeed, its dry formula guarantees a 0 shine effect.

The other advantages of Clarins foundation

Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9 offers exceptional mattness. What’s more, it is designed to withstand all tests. Thus, he is not afraid of sweat, heat or tears. It is also enriched with a moisturizing agent that gives your skin a feeling of comfort for eight consecutive hours. It combines the benefits of plants with the purity of minerals to instantly mattify your skin and tighten pores.

Its compact size allows you to take it absolutely everywhere. It is also enriched with an anti UV filter and thus preserves the lasting beauty of your skin . This helps to prevent the signs of aging of the skin. Finally, it comes in 10 different colors, so as to stick as closely as possible to your natural skin tone.

Apply your Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9 well

Obviously, it is impossible to apply this type of product like a fluid foundation. The Everlasting Compact Foundation SPF 9 is therefore delivered in a small rectangular case, accompanied by a sponge. This allows you to control this loose and volatile powder and to apply it in just a dose on your face, without ever creating a “mask” effect.

For an optimal result, we recommend that you apply your powder in circular movements and patting slightly more on your imperfections.

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