BrandClarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder

Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder


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Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder
Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder

Clarins Mineral Compact Powder, the ally of a perfect complexion

Knowing how to apply makeup properly is not an easy task. It is not only necessary to know how to apply makeup well, but also to know how to make it hold throughout the day. However, this is precisely where the compact powder comes in. It is a make-up product which increases the hold of the foundation throughout the day, and which also serves to mattify the skin.

Therefore, the compact powder allows to give a more velvety impression. Today, all the biggest beauty brands offer them. However, not all of them have the chance to benefit from the expertise of Clarins , one of the most recognized players in the cosmetics field in the world. Focus on its Compact Mineral Powder.

The many advantages of Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder

Clarins Mineral Compact Powder combines the benefits of tanaka powder with the purity of the mineral. In other words, it acts like a kind of talc, an ingredient known for its covering properties. However, Clarins Mineral Compact Powder remains very fine, and leaves no mark on the skin.

It absorbs excess sebum and will prevent you from shining brightly. At the same time, Clarins Mineral Compact Powder also contains pigments and pearlescent agents that reflect light and immediately illuminate and beautify the face. Thus, the Compact Powder Mineral Clarins immediately gives a healthy glow. What’s more, its formula tightens the pores of the epidermis, which helps to unify the skin. As a result, your face appears more matte, more velvety and as if radiant with beauty.

The hold of your foundation, on the other hand, is considerably enhanced. Be aware, however, that the Compact Mineral Powder contains zinc. While this ingredient is ideal for skin suffering from excess sebum, it is not recommended for dry skin. Clarins Mineral Compact Powder is available in four different shades, so as to get as close as possible to the color of your foundation and that of your natural skin tone.

How to apply Clarins Ever Matte Compact Mineral Powder?

Clarins Mineral Compact Powder is applied just after your concealer and foundation. On the other hand, it is to be used before your blush or your powder of the sun. For a natural result, it is better to choose a version similar to that of your foundation or even slightly lighter. Apply your Mineral Compact Powder directly with a large brush all over your face and neck. Do not hesitate to insist more on the T zone, consisting of the forehead, the nose of the chin. Easy to apply, Clarins Mineral Compact Powder guarantees a silky result, without any demarcation and with a very natural velvety effect.

The compact powder that controls any shine for hours, perfectly respecting your skin.

Clarins – Ever Matte Powder

Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder
Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder

Its ultra-fine and comfortable texture unifies the complexion while transparency. Its “Stop-Shine” complex combines the benefits of plants with the purity of minerals to instantly mattify the complexion, control shine and tighten pores. Your complexion is matte, perfectly even and velvety, radiant with beauty. The hold of your makeup is enhanced.

Clarins – Ever Matte Powder – Shades

  • 00 Transparente Opale Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder
  • 01 Transparente Light Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder
  • 02 Transparent Medium Ever Matte Compact Mineral Powder
  • 03 Transparent Dark Ever Matte Mineral Compact Powder

Clarins – Ever Matte Powder – Application

Apply all over the face and neck using the powder puff or the Clarins Powder Brush for a matte complexion and long-lasting make-up. The ultra-fine and silky texture melts into the skin and velvety naturally.

Clarins – Ever Matte Powder – Ingredients

Tanaka powder: continuously absorbs excess sebum on the surface, gives the skin a soft and velvety feel. “Light Optimizing +” complex: captures, diffuses and instantly amplifies light. Fine lines and small imperfections are visibly erased. The complexion is uniform, luminous. Micropatch® Vegetal: maintains hydration, comfort and suppleness of the skin. Double protection: anti-radical and anti-pollution.

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