Beauty CareClarins' Eau Ressourçante now in deodorant!

Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante now in deodorant!


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Clarins' Eau Ressourçante now in deodorant!
Clarins‘ Eau Ressourçante now in deodorant!

All the benefits of Clarins Resourcing Water in a deodorant

In the beginning, there was only the Eau Dynamisante. This hybrid product between perfume and skincare quickly became a star item in the entire Clarins range. This unusual water tones, revitalizes and perfumes the body while protecting it day after day. Building on its success, it metamorphosed into multiple derivatives, including Eau Ressourçante. This calming concentrate has become another of Clarins bestsellers. In this context, if you are already fans of its scent, know that it is now available in the form of a deodorant.

The soothing scent of Eau Ressourçante

Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante is a concentrate of bottled serenity. It is a product that invites well-being and relaxation. Clarinssays it: Eau Ressourçante embodies a new way of “smelling good and feeling good.” Indeed, its small relaxes and rests the body and the spirit in a single passage. Like a perfume, it leaves the skin delicately scented. What’s more, its formula is non-photosensitizing, which makes it an excellent product during the summer period. Immediately after its passage, your body appears softer and better hydrated. This exceptional product is ideal for all women in a hurry today who do not necessarily have the time to multiply beauty products. What’s more, Revitalizing Water is suitable for all skin types, whether you have normal, oily, combination or dry skin.

Le Doux Deodorant Eau Ressourcing, an anti-odor treatment

Of course, the Doux Deodorant Eau Ressourçante has preserved the qualities of the original Clarins product, while adding, for the occasion, the properties of a deodorant. Its formula gently deposits molecules that naturally regulate the perspiration process. Thus, the Gentle Deodorant Water Resourcingby Clarins perfumes the skin while preventing and neutralizing odors. It releases a fresh scent and will help you feel confident all day long. In addition, note that this is a product very suitable for people with sensitive skin. Indeed, the Soft Deodorant Water Resourcing never irritates the skin and does not create any risk of allergy. Therefore, it can be used as often as needed and allows for small touch-ups throughout the day. For optimal effectiveness, Clarins Gentle Deodorant Eau Ressourçante is used on clean, dry skin. You will then only have to take advantage of its effectiveness and its delicate scent. The Doux Deodorant Eau Ressourçante will follow you from early morning until evening and will help you cope with the euphoria of the most intense days.

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