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Clarins Contouring Palette


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Clarins Contouring Palette
Clarins Contouring Palette

Highlight your assets with the Clarins Contour Face Palette

Make-up is part of our daily life but is also an art in its own right. This allows you to do real wonders! All you need is a good powder, a few good brushstrokes and wise advice to transform your face into a pretty face worthy of the most beautiful podiums! On the technical side, particularly in vogue, we must recognize that contouring is on the rise! This allows you to highlight your best assets by a clever mix of shadows and lights. Also, it is precisely this process that Clarins offers us in its Face Contour Palette.

Focus on the contouring technique

Contouring is a make-up technique that was reserved for make-up professionals for a very long time. Indeed, this method has existed for a long time and Marilyn Monroe was already using it in her time. However, contouring has only really developed very recently. The latter comes to us from the United States and its notoriety is partly due to the extravagant Kim Kardashian. However, note that this tends to accentuate its contouring too much and that the latter can indeed give very convincing effects while remaining natural. The idea is to use several different powders in order to create shadow areas on the face or to illuminate others. Thus, contouring makes it possible to redraw the volume of the face and create trompe-l’oeil effects.

The Face Contour Palette, an easy contouring method!

With the Clarins Contour Palette, the brand clearly intends to make contouring accessible to everyone. Its palette contains a beveled brush carefully studied to facilitate the application of its three powders and allow you to easily draw the contours of your face. The compact powders contained in the Clarins Contour Visage Palette are enriched with sweet almond oil. As a result, these make your skin more hydrated and better nourished at the same time. This makes your skin even more comfortable and radiant day after day. The lightest powder helps illuminate certain areas of the face. Another, darker, corrects and refines the reliefs. Finally, a third powder simply allows you to enhance your cheekbones. The colors offered have been carefully chosen by Clarins so as to avoid any missteps. Thus, the result becomes even easier to obtain. The Face Contour Palette firmly intends to magnify your natural beauty by structuring your face in a subtle play of contrasts. With your brushes, the world of contouring is offered to you!

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