Beauty CareClarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil, for more hydrated skin

Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil, for more hydrated skin


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Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil
Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil

Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil, dehydrated skin care

Not all skins work the same. Indeed, our skin reacts to our environment and is constantly changing. However, it is also the result of many genetic factors. So, if some people have too dry skin, others have oily skin. This is why Clarins offers a very wide range of different products. Through them, the brand wishes to respond to each individual and the specificities of their skin. The Rebalancing Oil with Blue Orchid is intended more specifically for all people who have dehydrated skin and who notice a loss of radiance in their face.

What is dehydrated skin?

First and foremost, to be able to properly treat your skin problems, it is necessary to know how to recognize them. So, do you really know what your epidermis type is? To recognize dehydrated skin, it’s very simple. First of all, it is a skin surface that tends to lack radiance. At the same time, when your skin is too dry, this is also felt by a feeling of discomfort. Skin dryness causes persistent tightness and burning sensations. In more serious cases, we can also observe scales and small redness. From one person to another, dehydration of the skin can be temporary or usual. So even a person with oily skin can sometimes suffer from dehydration problems. Certain factors in our environment aggravate this phenomenon in particular. In this case, the cold is a formidable enemy of the skin. The wind is also responsible for the evaporation of water in the heart of our cells. You will understand that winter is a dreaded period for all people with sensitive skin.

Rebalancing Oil with Blue Orchid, a treatment to help dry skin

Fortunately, the many advances in cosmetology make it possible to reduce this phenomenon and to come to the aid of epidermis in distress. Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil nourishes and revitalizes the skin. It contains rosewood, orchid and patchouli, powerful plant extracts that act to nourish, soften and saturate the skin. Likewise, Rebalancing Oil with Blue Orchid contains hazelnut oil, a powerful anti-dehydrating agent. This treatment is applied to the face and limits the feeling of discomfort. It revitalizes your skin and gives it radiance. It acts immediately, providing instant relief to the most thirsty skin types. In parallel, Rebalancing Oil with Blue Orchid can be used daily to prevent dehydration. Although it is an oil, it does not stain or stick. It penetrates very quickly in the heart of the cells, and does not leave unpleasant sensations behind it. Therefore, as it hydrates and nourishes the face, it also acts as a powerful anti-aging. So,Rebalancing Oil with Blue Orchid prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Clarins Blue Orchid Rebalancing Oil is used in the evening, after your make-up removal. Do not hesitate to insist on the areas most marked by dehydration. Avoid the area around your eyes, however.

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