Beauty CareClarins' anti-aging genius concentrated in Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation

Clarins’ anti-aging genius concentrated in Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation


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Clarins' anti-aging genius concentrated in Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation
Clarins‘ anti-aging genius concentrated in Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation

All of Clarins’ anti-aging expertise in Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation

Having beautiful skin is an everyday job. For this, it is important to have a healthy diet, good hydration and restful sleep. However, even with good habits, it can happen that the face becomes duller, less plump and less glowing. To compensate for this, the foundation is one of the favorite beauty products of women. Now, on the strength of its success, it is even enriched with a whole bunch of other assets. In this sense, the Clarins brand presents its latest novelty, Everlasting Youth Fluid, a fluid foundation with anti-aging properties.

Everlasting Youth Fluid, an anti-aging fluid foundation

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation is not just for skin makeup. He also tries to give it back all the shine of its youth over the course of its applications. Day after day, it acts like a real day cream, to restore your face to its former splendor. Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid makes the epidermis luminous and radiant. At the same time, to better protect it, it contains moisturizing active ingredients. Thus, it makes the skin more comfortable and prevents tightness. Little by little, it smooths the skin surface to make you more beautiful and radiant with health. Its Skin Tone Optimizing complex conceals spots and imperfections. Finally, Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid also contains a sun protection index SPF15 which durably protects your skin from UV rays and free radicals,
The results are clear: after only 21 days of use, 81% of women who tested this product are satisfied with its formula, and stress that Everlasting Youth Fluid is a true concentrate of light.

The active ingredients contained in Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation

So what are the elements used by Clarins to achieve such results? As always, Clarins has favored the use of natural elements rather than chemical syntheses. Everlasting Youth Fluid first contains chicory extract. This element, used since Antiquity, is recognized for its multiple virtues. Chicory is at the same time digestive, hepatic, calming, purifying and above all very effective on the epidermis! It helps to revive the synthesis of collagen and is a real key to youthfulness for the tissues of the organism. To this is also added extract of Jeannie Rouge. This perennial algae from Brittany grows in calm waters and restores radiance to the face. Here,

Like any fluid foundation, Everlasting Youth Fluid is applied to clean, dry skin, directly with a finger or brush. You just have to stretch its product from the center of your face outwards, while keeping your hand light to avoid unsightly lines.

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