BrandChanel's New Sublimage Fundamental Essence

Chanel’s New Sublimage Fundamental Essence


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Chanel's New Sublimage Fundamental Essence
Chanel’s New Sublimage Fundamental Essence

Protect your skin from the ravages of time with Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale by Chanel

With age, the skin of the face changes. It becomes drier, making wakes, revealing wrinkles and promoting the appearance of unsightly brown spots. Despite a healthy lifestyle, these natural effects are inevitable. However, it is still possible to boost your youthfulness and reduce the natural effects of age by using specific treatments. With its Sublimage Chanel skincare range, it fights against the harmful effects of time on your skin. To help you in this arduous task and to preserve the youth of your skin as long as possible, Chanel invites you to discover its Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale treatment.

Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale, a serum with many benefits

The Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale treatment is inspired by the French pharmacopoeia and displays multiple benefits for the skin. This exceptional ritual revives cellular dynamism. It tightens and consolidates the skin mattress. Thus, it firms the face and redraws its outline. Immediately, the skin appears denser, more toned and more supple. What’s more, Chanel Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale also enhances its natural radiance. For this, its formula contains multiple active ingredients. The Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale treatment brings together wild plants used by Chanel research in a laboratory located in the south of the French Alps.

Its formula contains intense water of Vanilla Planifolia, extracted from the green diamond of Sublimage, recognized for its protective and antioxidant properties. Likewise, the Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale contains Solidage extract, a medicinal plant that revitalizes the skin. Dermatological tests have established the benefits of Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale in just four weeks of use. Its regular application improves skin density by 30%, its firmness by 32% and its tone by 23%.

The specific application ritual of Chanel

To further enhance the benefits of Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale , the house of Chanel has put in place a whole application protocol. This takes place in three stages. Before applying the product, massage your face and scalp. Place your fingers at the origin of your hair and apply pressure towards the top of your head. Then perform this same movement on the side of your face, starting at the back of your temples and working your way up to the top of your head. Repeat this movement from the back of your ears to the back of your head as well. Then apply the Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale to your cheeks, forehead and neck.

Smooth its texture from the inside of your face to the outside. Note that the Sublimage L’Essence Fondamentale is similar to a serum. Therefore, it is used just before your usual skin care cream and does not replace it. Finally, after applying your product, finish your massage by applying pressure on your skin with your fingertips. Press for a few seconds on the following five points: at the top of your forehead, on your temples, in front of and behind your ears, and on the back of your head.

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