BrandCHANEL Retractable Concealer Duo Brush

CHANEL Retractable Concealer Duo Brush


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CHANEL Retractable Concealer Duo Brush
CHANEL Retractable Concealer Duo Brush

We could summarize fashion according to Coco Chanel in two words, namely simplicity and elegance. Marked by the personal history of Gabrielle Chanel, but also by the context of the two world wars, the creations of the Chanel lines have always sought to liberate women and make them freer of their movements, but without ever losing sight of the feminine elegance. His creations are works, embellished by the wearing of jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics . Symbol of French chic, the house of Chanel is a true philosophy of life. Here, Chanel presents its “Retractable Corrector Duo Brush”.

All the benefits of Chanel technology, the Retractable Concealer Duo Brush

Chanel brushes make the techniques of “make-up artists” accessible to everyone. Their design, refined and functional, make it a collection of nomadic and desirable accessories, combining chic with functionality. Your “Retractable Concealer Duo Brush” is made up of bristles that are as soft as they are resistant. Contained in a black case, your Chanel brush elegantly resists time. The “Retractable Corrector Duo Brush” is designed to correct and illuminate the complexion thanks to its two tips. The flat tip allows you to apply the corrector precisely, the rounded tip allows you to blend. Your complexion is simply unified. In mobile use, the covers protect the two retractable tips to slide the brush into your handbag.

Chanel, Retractable Concealer Duo Brush, usage tips

Take a small amount of product with your flat tip, then apply the corrector on the areas to be corrected. Using the rounded tip, you can blend the concealer so that it blends in perfectly with your skin, without any demarcation. The concealer can also be blended around the eye area with the rounded tip creating an excellent base for eye shadow. If they are designed to withstand the wear of time, Chanel brushes made of natural or synthetic bristles should be cleaned regularly in lukewarm water with an ultra-mild shampoo or soap. Then leave the brush to dry flat, in the open air and away from any source of heat.

Chanel, Retractable Corrector Duo Brush is a fashion accessory from professional make-up. Because it is a corrective duo, your Chanel brush gives you the option of using the rounded tip and the flat tip. Thanks to its synthetic bristles, it ensures you a perfect hold of your Chanel makeup.

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