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Chanel Pleated Light


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Chanel Pleated Light
Chanel Pleated Light

Illuminate your complexion with Plissé Lumière by Chanel

The changes of seasons and the ambient grayness are determining elements in our well-being. So, when winter has set in for a few months already, it is quite normal for our complexion to start to look gray. Fortunately, creative make-up brands like Chanel are always competing with more imagination to give our face a boost in all circumstances. As such, Chanel has just developed a brand new illuminating powder called Plissé Lumière. Focus on this new product which firmly intends to give you a healthy glow!

Chanel is inspired by the art of Japanese folding

If Chanel decided to call its new illuminating powder Plissé Lumière, it is quite simply because it adopts a visual very inspired by the art of Japanese folding. You will have recognized it, it is origami. The name of this art comes from the word “oru” which means “to fold” and “kami” which means “paper”. Origami can be used to create a whole bunch of shapes, whether it’s flowers, animals, birds, or even Chanel powder. The Plissé Lumière highlighter therefore pays tribute to this tradition from the other side of the world, as if to make us travel every morning during our beauty treatment. The surface of this new product has been carefully studied. This is revealed through a sort of porthole decorating its square palette. The Plissé Lumière immediately gives off a very refined image. It is inspired by an ancestral art while being equipped with the latest technologies in makeup. Thus, it is located halfway between tradition and modernity.

The advantages of Plissé Lumière by Chanel

Chanel’s Plissé Lumière has a compact powderand like a pure, delicately golden light. It is reflected lightly on the skin, displaying a certain transparency but giving an incomparable radiance to the face. Indeed, the ambition of Plissé Lumière is not to camouflage. It is indeed a slightly translucent product. This is used exclusively to give relief and radiance to your skin. Thanks to it, your porcelain complexion will regain all its splendor and your face will only appear fresher and healthier. Likewise, note that Plissé Lumière allows you to perform strobing, a method that plays with light to reveal key areas of the face and highlight your best features. Indeed, the Plissé Lumière brings radiance to certain parts of the face and attracts the eye. Its application is made in third position, after having previously applied foundation and concealer. It is the icing on the cake of your daily make-up. Regarding its application, Chanel recommends starting under the outer corner of the eyes and then stretching this product towards the temples. Finally, it is simply appropriate to illuminate the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow.

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