BrandChanel opts for a natural effect with its new...

Chanel opts for a natural effect with its new “Volume Stretch” Mascara


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Chanel opts for a natural effect with its new "Volume Stretch" Mascara
Chanel opts for a natural effect with its new “Volume Stretch” Mascara

Intensify your eyes with Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara

The gaze is a particularly important area of ​​the face. It is he who says a lot about your personality, who accentuates your charm and who gives you such sensuality … However, for his seductive power to be there, you still have to know how to highlight it! This is why mascara is one of the best-selling beauty products on the planet. In this context, the biggest luxury brands are making every effort to perfect and innovate it. This is how Chanel’s new Le Volume Stretch Mascara was born .

The elastic and flexible formula of Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara

Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara has a unique texture, made of a plastic film that looks like latex. This unique formula attaches to your lashes and instantly lengthens them. It stretches and curves them to infinity, which makes it easier to open the eyes. However, like Chanel’s Le Volume Stretch Mascara does not create any bundles and offers a natural finish. Its black color is intense enough to amplify your personality, without becoming too metallic and artificial.
There are also protective agents, such as jojoba, which keep your skin soft and supple. As the eyelids and eyelashes are a particularly fragile area, Chanel is committed to taking care of them day after day.

Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara Hollow Brush

If the formula of a mascara is very important, its applicator itself is also essential. This is why Chanel is also innovating in terms of brushes. The Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara applicator is fully 3D printed, which allows it to be completely hollow. Thus, the brush of this mascara is particularly soft and flexible. In fact, it catches each lash better and stretches them lightly. The brush itself consists of a small swirl with many pins. These catch the eyelashes and lengthen them infinitely.
To apply your mascara, apply a little product to the roots of your lashes and rotate the brush on itself. Stretch it outward from your eyes, making small zigzags to separate each lash. If necessary, carry out several successive applications, while respecting a drying time between the two coats, so as not to create unsightly clumps.
Finally, note that Chanel Le Volume Stretch Mascara is particularly resistant. Therefore, it is better to remove it with a two-phase product. Soak your cotton pad and lightly pat your eyes rather than rubbing them too vigorously, at the risk of damaging and pulling out some of your pretty eyelashes.

Chanel’s Le Volume Stretch Mascara comes in a small black striped tube, very sober and elegant. Its brush, for its part, stands out for its white color, matching its name, discreetly inscribed at the level of its collar.

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