Beauty CareChanel Le Lift Fermeté Anti-wrinkle Recovering Night Mask, the...

Chanel Le Lift Fermeté Anti-wrinkle Recovering Night Mask, the silk pajamas for your skin


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The Chanel Firmness Lift
The Chanel Firmness Lift

Chanel fashion is French chic. All Chanel cosmetics and skincare products are in this image, both simple and elegant. It’s a whole philosophy that we adopt when we wear Chanel clothes or makeup. With regard to your skin, you should know that the blood circulation in its vessels is more important at night, mainly between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. Cell renewal requires energy and night care perfectly helps the skin to recover. Here, the brand presents “Le Lift Fermeté Anti-wrinkle Recovering Night Mask”.

for beautiful skin… Sleep, but do it with Chanel’s Le Lift Fermeté Anti-Wrinkle Recovering Night Mask,

Chanel “Le Lift Fermeté Anti-Wrinkle Recovering Night Mask” is defined as “The silk pajamas for your skin”. It is a real anti-aging night care for the face, neck and décolleté. Its comfort is such an incredible cocooning moment, which helps the skin to better recover while you sleep while reducing all signs of fatigue. The secret of your Chanel Repairing Mask is the combination of an ultra-firming active ingredient and the soft comfort of silk proteins. When you wake up, your skin is really smooth, as if plumped, soft and ultra luminous. The formula of your Chanel Repairing Mask is “3.5-DA”, a high-tech anti-aging active ingredient from the “Le Lift” line which ensures targeted effectiveness on the loss of skin firmness. You should also know that the “3. 5-DA ”is an asset developed exclusively for Chanel on the basis of patented technology. The formula is also enriched with silk proteins, which envelops the skin in a cocoon of softness and ensures continuous hydration throughout the night. Your Chanel Repairing Mask is contained in a sober, black jar of 50g.

Chanel Le Lift Fermeté Anti-wrinkle Recovering Night Mask, tests and advice for use

To get the best from your Chanel repairing mask , it is recommended to apply it in the evening, in a thin layer on your face, neck and décolleté, following the massage gesture. It can be used two to three times a week, or daily depending on your needs. In addition, this nocturnal recovery gesture must be carried out in two stages:
Stage 1, Reactivate
First, make circular movements pinched with the pads of the fingers. Repeat three times each of the movements on the oval of the face from the chin to the angle of the jaw. On the cheeks, from the corner of the lips to the ears, then from the wings of the nose to the temples. On the forehead, from the midline to the temples. On the neck, under the chin outwards, then down the length of the neck to the collarbones. Finally, on your neckline, from the center line outwards, covering the entire surface.
Time 2, Relax
Make enveloping smoothing movements with the hands, from the center of your face towards the cheeks to the chin, then go up towards the forehead to finish on the temples. Then continue under the chin to the lobes of the ears, down along the neck, then finish with the neckline.

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