Beauty CareChanel Blue Serum and the Blue Zones

Chanel Blue Serum and the Blue Zones


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Chanel Blue Serum and the Blue Zones
Chanel Blue Serum and the Blue Zones

Give your skin a second youth with Chanel Blue Serum

As women, we would all like to keep the freshness of our 20s for a lifetime. Yes but here it is, stress, pollution, cold, UV rays are all factors that contribute to accentuate the visible signs of aging. Also, to mitigate the harmful effects of time, Chanel did not hesitate to send its researchers to the four corners of the globe and to select the best ingredients. The brand then brought these together at the heart of an exceptional formula called Blue Serum.

The best of the planet at the heart of the Blue Serum

The Earth is made up of a very rich ecosystem. However, studies have shown that certain regions of the world promote longevity. Indeed, there are places called “blue zones”that contribute to a better and longer life. This is notably the case of Nicoya in Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan. Logically, it is in these places that Chanel went to seek the best of our Earth to integrate it into its Blue Serum treatment. The latter consists in particular of three essential natural ingredients, namely green coffee from Costa Rica, olive from Sardinia and lentisk from Greece. In addition, green coffee is famous for its enhanced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The olive, for its part, protects the skin durably thanks to its concentrate of polyphenols and fatty acids. Finally, the lentisk is rich in oleanolic acid which helps the skin to regain its natural regeneration capacities. Thanks to the Blue Serum,

The application and benefits of Chanel skincare

The Blue Serum is then applied daily to clean skin, preferably in the morning and evening, before you apply your usual care. The idea is to spread it by making pressure points with the pads of your fingers on key areas of your face such as the corner of your lips, the wings of your nose, your forehead or your temples. It will also help boost your blood circulation and increase the effects of the Blue Serum. From its application, the latter provides a feeling of freshness. Thus, the Blue Serum turns out to be a very valuable daily care. Clinical studies carried out on 44 women then demonstrated real benefits on the skin observed after one month of use. In addition, wrinkles are smoothed and reduced by 35%. The skin gains more than 20% firmness and the complexion gains more than 38% uniformity. Blue Serum offers you a real youth cure all over the world without ever leaving your bathroom!

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