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Beauty CareCarita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream

Carita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream


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Carita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream
Carita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream

It was under the inspiration of the 2 Carita sisters that the high beauty Carita was born. The beauty house at 11 Faubourg St Honoré in Paris was the temple of beauty. A prestigious and magical place, like a setting where Carita’s expertise and know-how are enriched over time. The brand has known how to reveal the beauty of each woman . A specialist in anti-aging based on cutting-edge technology, Carita makes its difference thanks to its Global beauty concept “face, body and hair”. Here, Carita presents her Youth Cleansing Milk Cream.

The many benefits of Carita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream

The Jeunesse cleansing milk cream is a gentle treatment that combines efficiency and lightness. Your Carita makeup remover removes makeup and impurities while promoting cell renewal, for smooth and plumped skin. The secret of cream of milk is its delicious texture. The latter is transformed into an aerial emulsion to transport you to the heart of a unique sensory experience. It leaves your skin clear, supple and radiant with health. Its active ingredients contain treasures of benefit. The “perfection peptides” is a biologically active tripeptide capable of restarting the natural process of desquamation of the skin. It helps to remove the dull veil from your face. Camellia oil nourishes your face for a long time. Youth Cleansing Milk Cream also contains hyaluronic acid. The latter moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Finally, kiwi water illuminates and plumps your skin.

Carita Youth Cleansing Milk Cream, advice for use

You can use your Youth Cleansing milk cream to remove make-up from the eyes and lips using a cotton ball soaked in milk. Morning and evening, you can distribute your milk all over your face with dry hands. Gently massage in small circular movements so that the cream turns into milk. Remove the excess with a soft cotton. It is also recommended to perfect this make-up removal using the comforting beauty lotion. The Youth Cleansing Milk Cream comes in a 200 ml pump bottle.

A true beauty treatment, Carita’s “Youth Cleansing Milk Cream” is an essential facial treatment. To perfectly remove impurities from make-up and so that your skin is always hydrated and radiant with beauty, the “Youth Cleansing Milk Cream” contains secrets of benefits. Its active ingredients are particularly well chosen so that your face remains radiant with health day after day.

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