Beauty CareCarita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion

Carita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion


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Carita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion
Carita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion

The Carita brand is known to be an expert in the beauty of women. Since 1956, the Carita house has been imagining treatments and beauty products using great technology. Carita bases its particularity on a principle that is both simple and unique, that of global beauty. This translates into a range of products for the body, face and hair, but also for intense, complete and effective care, with the greatest respect for the needs of the skin. Here, Carita presents her “Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion”.

Carita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion, active ingredients that make all the difference

First of all, you should know that “Eau des Lagons Lotion Éclat Hydro-Vitalisante” is composed of water from the seas of the lagoon of Polynesia. This will give your face a special hydration and energy. The Eau des Lagons lotion also contains a complex composed of aqua-fix (Bio Sodium Hyaluronate, sugar association) and aqua-mov (wild pansy extract, codium extract). These active ingredients provide immediate and lasting hydration. The hydra-youth complex is composed of noni extracts and glucodefense which stimulates cellular vitality and prevents premature aging. Provitamin B is also found, which gives your skin soothing and softening properties. Finally, the Eau des Lagons de Carita lotion contains papaya extracts, which will refine the texture of your skin. Considered as a skin care lotion with invigorating freshness, Eau des Lagons Carita removes all traces of impurities from your face while quenching the skin’s thirst. Result, your face is supple and filled with vitality.

Who is Eau des Lagons Carita Radiance Lotion for, what are the recommendations for use?

Carita Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion perfects your make-up removal, while refining your skin texture and providing immediate hydration. Use your Eau des Lagons after Gelée des Lagons makeup remover. Place a few drops on a cotton pad and pass it after the make-up remover, in order to perfect its benefit. Eau des Lagons is intended for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

L’Eau des Lagons Hydro-Vitalizing Radiance Lotion Carita is a lotion that moisturizes and tones your skin. With its precious natural active ingredients, your radiance lotion reveals the beauty of your face day after day, in addition to your Eau des Lagons makeup remover.

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