BrandCartierCarat de Cartier, the perfume ad

Carat de Cartier, the perfume ad


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Carat de Cartier, the perfume ad
Carat de Cartier, the perfume ad

Carat de Cartier offers us luminous advertising

Most current perfumers don’t just make perfumes. In fact, they often even come from other creative universes. Some of them come from the world of fashion, others from leather goods, and still others from jewelry. As if to evoke his prestigious heritage, Cartier does not miss an opportunity to remind us that he is an exceptional jeweler. His latest olfactory creation to date is also there to remind us. Cartier’s new perfume is called Carat and is designed exactly like a diamond. As such, it is now accompanied by a new advertisement that we invite you to discover in more detail.

Carat, a fragrance source of happiness

Advertising for the Carat de Cartier perfumeis played to the music “Dorothy” by Polo & Pan, an electro but very playful track. This television clip begins with the vision of a young blonde woman holding in her hand the brand new perfume bottle from Carat. The camera approaches and plunges us into its azure blue gaze, enough to hypnotize more than one! Hair blowing in the wind, she suddenly seems won over by an uncontrollable and communicative joie de vivre. She rushes off on the roof of a building, accompanying herself as a few friends pass. His two acolytes seem equally enthusiastic. The scene is sometimes filmed live or through a camera lens. The Carat perfume bottle appears repeatedly in this advertisement. It reflects the light and floods the decor with a solar flicker. Since then, it seems to give a smile to the muse of Cartier who dances and spins in a very sparkling way. The advertisement for Carat de Cartier finally ended with the vision of his bottle topped with his name.

Carat de Cartier, a colorful and floral spectrum

This advertisement is in perfect correlation with the perfume it represents. Indeed, light is the central element of this new essence. Mathilde Laurent, official Cartier perfumer explains: “I wanted to create a perfume that radiates as much fire as a diamond. And the idea thus came to me to apply to perfume the same optical phenomenon as diamond: color diffraction. So I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers, which can be brought together to form a new one, abstract but alive, like the light of a diamond. The central elements of Cartier’s perfume are none other than violet, lily, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, narcissus, honeysuckle and tulip. All of Carat’s femininity shines through in this floral blend. Everything is then encapsulated in a vial of light. Cut like a diamond, it makes reflections sparkle in its glass walls and thus acts like a prism. Worked in the purest Art Deco tradition, it fits perfectly with the Cartier style. No one can really give it an age. It is a timeless, both retro and modern.

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