BrandCandy Sugar Pop the new fragrance from Prada

Candy Sugar Pop the new fragrance from Prada


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Candy Sugar Pop the new fragrance from Prada
Candy Sugar Pop the new fragrance from Prada

Prada’s Candy collection is enriched with a new delicacy: Candy Sugar Pop

Prada Candy perfume was born in 2011 and was very quickly described as a kind of colorful and unpredictable treat, like the spontaneous women who wear it. This seductive scent brings pure pleasure and has an impulsive and seductive charm. He then very quickly leads us into a whirlwind of mischief. Since its creation, it has never ceased to be reinterpreted to the delight of lovers of sweets. Even today, Prada presents us with a new derivative called Candy Sugar Pop. Focus on this seductive, sparkling and caramelized fragrance.

The playful look of the Candy Sugar Pop fragrance

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the pretty bottle of Candy Sugar Pop perfume. It is simply impossible to miss its colorful visual without falling under its spell! Candy Sugar Pop takes the form of a pretty slender glass column, with many bold details. A white leather ribbon wraps around the top of its bottle, like the perfume bottles of yesteryear. Thus, Candy Sugar Pop sticks as closely as possible to the Italian refinement of Prada. Moreover, the name of the sign is written in gold letters at the top of this bottle. Candy Sugar Pop is topped with a pastel blue half-moon shaped pump. The transparency of this bottle lets us glimpse a tender pink juice surmounting a yellow and sunny base. In reality, all these colors were not chosen at random and are reminiscent of the aesthetics of the Prada Saffiano bag. So, from leather goods to perfumery, there is only one step!

The new gourmet fragrant balance of Candy Sugar Pop

On the scent side, Candy Sugar Pop is a kind of younger and fun interpretation of its predecessors. Its caramel scent largely occupies its base and is accompanied by vanilla. Fruity notes of peach and apple also sublimate the whole, and bring it a sparkling freshness. The femininity of Candy Sugar Pop shines through in a floral bouquet. Finally, citrus and more specifically bergamot notes enhance the liveliness of this fragrance. The result is a perfectly balanced juice, never too sweet or too cutesy, but simply appetizing.

Léa Seydoux lends her image to Candy Sugar Pop

From then on, all that was missing was a female figure to embody the image of this perfume. Once again, Prada decided to call on Léa Seydoux. The actress has embodied the image of Prada Candy since 2014, and thus invites herself into the very private and prestigious circle of the many muses of Prada. It must be said that with her natural joie de vivre, her daring and her sulphurous side, Léa Seydoux fits perfectly with the image of this essence. No one yet knows what Prada has in store for us in terms of advertising spots, but it’s a safe bet that the pretty blonde will once again be delicious!

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