BrandBurberryBurberry offers a box set for its new fragrance...

Burberry offers a box set for its new fragrance Her


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Burberry offers a box set for its new fragrance Her
Burberry offers a box set for its new fragrance Her

The Burberry Her box set, a concentrate of English elegance

Burberry was born in 1856 and has managed to keep, despite its rising notoriety, the philosophy of its beginnings. Thus, the brand does not miss an opportunity to highlight its origins. Today, its latest fragrance, Burberry Her, highlights all the London effervescence. The Burberry Her perfume is aimed at young women in London, urban, trendy and adventurous at the same time. It is a lively fragrance full of courage. With him, it’s a bit as if the spirit of London had slipped into a bottle. This creative, eclectic and vibrant metropolis has now given birth to a unique box set. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside Burberry’s pretty box.

Burberry Her, a floral and fruity treat

Burberry Her is a particularly delicious juice. Thus, it will know how to seduce the trendy women of our time, thus placing itself at the heart of the most widespread olfactory category of perfumery for women. Burberry Her first delivers a red fruit cocktail made up of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The cherry can be seen in the background. Then, her femininity is expressed more fully in her heart, highlighting a floral association of violet and jasmine. This solar breath, a bit retro, is then relayed by a more sulphurous and animal base. Burberry Her finally ends with a duo of musk and ambroxan.

The refined and minimalist Burberry Her bottle returns in a box

The new Burberry Her set revolves mainly around the bottle of this perfume. This one is ambiguous to say the least. On the one hand, it is quite uncluttered and does not really surprise. It is a transparent glass flask, enhanced with a few golden and pink notes, on which the name of Burberry is inscribed in relief. However, if its shape is reminiscent of a small flask of whiskey, it surprises by the positioning of its stopper. This one is off-center on the left, which is unusual to say the least. The whole gives off a feeling of purity, modernity and femininity.

What is hiding in the Burberry Her Box?

Like its bottle, the Burberry Her box is also uncluttered. It is a rectangular box, completely tinted in a very luminous white. Radiant, it is embellished on its front face with an infinity of sequins. Likewise, its angles are cut out in a more feminine pale pink color. The silhouette of the Burberry Her bottle is visible on the front of this box. So what can this pretty box contain? Of course, Burberry Her’s 50ml spray is hiding inside. It is accompanied, for the occasion, by body milk from the same range, in a capacity of 75 ml.

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