PerfumeMen's PerfumeBooster by Lacoste, the boost of dynamism on a...

Booster by Lacoste, the boost of dynamism on a daily basis


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Booster by Lacoste, the boost of dynamism on a daily basis
Booster by Lacoste, the boost of dynamism on a daily basis

The Booster perfume by Lacoste is designed for dynamic and spontaneous young men. As usual, Lacoste is part of a sporting universe full of determination. It is therefore not intended for those who are content to dream but rather to those who act. Its freshness is fusing and invigorating. Its scent is invigorating and stimulating. Booster is more than a perfume, it is a generator of vitality and harmony. Also, not only do we offer it for less, but know that it will put a real sporting boost in your daily life. You would therefore be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

Booster, all male virility in a bottle

The Booster fragrancepour homme by Lacoste reveals virility itself. He seems to seek out the most buried masculine power to return it to us in a bottle. Its essence is remarkable for its vitality. Its water is sparkling and crystalline. Its olfactory notes are spicy and awaken our senses. Our sense of smell is then increased tenfold under the effects of this pungent and devastating fragrance. Booster by Lacoste is known to arouse strong sensations. It undoubtedly derives this effect from its colorful composition. Indeed, at the top, its peppermint is accentuated by the tone of eucalyptol. The minty effect is as if propelled. In addition, its freshness is further accentuated with its citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit. The spices also mingle with greener and somewhat aromatic tones. Its heart, at the same time, is more floral. We recognize the smell of galbanum, lavender, tarragon, basil, chili and nutmeg. The hedione then sublimates the essence of Lacoste before it closes on a more woody and musky base. The trail ends in vetiver, sandalwood and cedar and Booster is by no means lacking in character.

Booster and its bottle that goes to the essentials

This dynamic essence of Lacoste is then contained in a cylindrical bottle. This one is made of frosted glass. This gives it a great modernity, to the point that this fragrance from 1996 seems to date from yesterday. Booster does not have a protective cover. You have direct access to its metallic green spray. With it, no unnecessary details are present. Booster tends to the essential and does not encumber itself with frills. Moreover, the famous crocodile of the brand is not even affixed there. However, we do recognize the brand of Lacoste by its characteristic green color.

Booster is in the image of Lacoste. He embodies sport in life. Take advantage of it, you then have the opportunity to get this real boost of enthusiasm for less. Progress, surpass oneself, go further… This is its motto. So you too can use this asset and boost your daily life.

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