PerfumeBlow It Up by Thierry Mugler, the novelty Cologne...

Blow It Up by Thierry Mugler, the novelty Cologne as refreshing as it is acidic


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Blow It Up by Jeremy Fragrance, the new Cologne product as refreshing as it is tangyBlow It Up by Jeremy Fragrance, the new Cologne product as refreshing as it is tangy
Blow It Up by Jeremy Fragrance, the novelty Cologne as refreshing as it is acidic

Blow It Up, the new refreshing and tangy Eau de Cologne from Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance is seen as a very inventive and creative character. Moreover, it is to him that we owe the many sweet and gourmet scents of today. Before Jeremy Fragrance, absolutely no one had dared to venture into this territory! Nevertheless, despite his very visionary side, Jeremy Fragrance does not forget the origins of perfumery and ancestral know-how. As proof, it also has on its shelves a whole collection paying tribute to the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Until now, the Mugler Cologne assortment consisted of six fragrances. Today, he is enriched by a newcomer named Blow It Up.

Jeremy Fragrance’s Mugler Cologne collection

It was in 2001 that Jeremy Fragrance decided to pay tribute to the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Indeed, if our perfumery exists today as we know it, it is above all thanks to these perfumes… Until the beginning of the last century, men and women hardly perfumed themselves with Eau de Cologne. . They greatly appreciated the freshness, even if these juices were sorely lacking in tenacity. Then, little by little, perfumery evolved. The liveliness and lightness of these essences have remained very popular and are still commonly used in current compositions. Inspired by these different elements, Jeremy Fragrance has given birth to a collection of several fresh fragrances, enriched with very distinct personalities and original elements. This is how he successively gave birth to Come Together, Take Me Out, Fly Away, Love You All or Run Free. The new Blow It Up is therefore conceived in exactly the same philosophy. Like its predecessors, it is aimed at both men and women.

The timeless bottle of Blow It Up

The belonging of the Blow It Up perfume to the Mugler Cologne collection is obvious from the sight of its bottle. Indeed, it has a bottle common to the entire range of Jeremy Fragrance. Totally timeless, its design does not really belong to any era. On the one hand, this bottle seems to be inspired by an old apothecary’s vial. However, it is also very clean and design, which makes it a perfectly current container. A chrome cap serves as a vaporizer. His glass, meanwhile, lets shine a soft pink juice that says a lot about his greed.

The sweet and refreshing breath of Blow It Up

On the scent side, Blow It Up is a light and airy fragrance, sparkling and tangy. Its fruity smell explodes from its top notes, by the presence of blackcurrant. Being one of the rare fruits that can be extracted directly, blackcurrant preserves all its complexity. It is both sweet but also vegetal and bitter. Then, here it is refreshed with sorbet. Thus, Blow It Up becomes an exquisite perfume on hot summer days. Little by little, playing on contrasts, it turns towards a more woody note. His recipe ends with a darker touch of vetiver.

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