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Beauty CareBiotherm Life Plankton Mask Recuperative Treatment

Biotherm Life Plankton Mask Recuperative Treatment


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Biotherm Life Plankton Mask Recuperative Treatment
Biotherm Life Plankton Mask Recuperative Treatment

If life plankton is an integral part of Biotherm care, it is thanks to the research of Doctor Jullien and Jeanne Marisal, the founder of the brand. The plankton of life then appears as a unique ingredient with exceptional properties for the skin, namely regenerating, protective, fortifying and smoothing. This near-miracle ingredient is captured through Fermogenesis, a fermentation process derived from Biotherm’s biotechnology that captures living plankton as they reach their peak of regeneration. If the plankton of life is still at the heart of Biotherm products, it is constantly evolving in order to offer the best of itself and of science. Here, Biotherm presents “Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care”.


Biotherm Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care, all its benefits and action

Biotherm “Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care” is an exclusive innovation. Indeed, this treatment maintains in its most concentrated form, the miraculous ingredient of Biotherm, the plankton of life, formulated and integrated into a regenerating night mask. Inspired by fabric masks, this mask with a refreshing hydrogel texture envelops the contours of the face as if you had a second skin. Even the most fragile skin is repaired and soothed. In the morning, you wake up with more radiant, smoother and plumped skin. Your Biotherm mask is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Sold with the “Biotherm spa” brush, the 75 ml jar has an ultra modern look with an ultra-luminous gradient of blue, the color used for the brush.

Biotherm Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care, advice on use and tests

Biotherm “Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care” is a regenerating night mask and can be used twice a week. For a more precise and homogeneous application, the brand recommends using the Biotherm brush with an ergonomic silicone tip. On perfectly cleansed skin, apply a thin layer from the center of your face outwards, then all over the face, avoiding the eye area & lips. Then finish with your neck by applying your mask from the bottom to the top. In the morning, cleanse your skin with lukewarm water or with a Biotherm tonic. You can then proceed with your daily care and makeup. Tests were carried out on 50 women for 4 weeks. As a result, the
skin is glowing for 80% of women,
The skin is smoother for 78% of women,
The complexion is brighter for 84% of women.

Biotherm “Life Plankton Mask Integral Recovery Care” is a refreshing and regenerating mask. It works while you sleep. When you wake up, your skin is radiant with beauty and ready for the day’s skincare, as well as makeup.

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