PerfumeBerdoues perfume Vânira Moorea

Berdoues perfume Vânira Moorea


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Berdoues perfume Vânira Moorea
Berdoues perfume Vânira Moorea

With summer fast approaching, Maison Berdoues seems to have wanted to play the exotic card. Indeed, it has just announced the arrival of a whole new essence within its Grands Crus Collection. Vânira Moorea is a true tribute to Polynesia and promises to bring a strong dose of exoticism into your daily life. This fragrance is particularly solar and blows a summer air before the hour. It is a true concentrate of sweetness and pleasure that we never tire of exploring while waiting for the sunny days.

The exoticism of Vânira Moorea

Even before we dwell on its smell, it is clear that the bottle of Vânira Moorea already says a lot about the exoticism it contains. Indeed, this one is typical of the Grands Crus Collection and displays a fairly refined look. However, he sees himself, for the occasion, decorated with many multicolored flowers. This festive side then perfectly echoes the floral and sunny cheerfulness it contains.

In this case, Vânira Moorea is available around three main ingredients. Paraguayan petitgrain, obtained from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, reveals a fairly herbaceous and floral scent. Its luminosity recalls the radiance found in the heart of the orange blossom. This ingredient is also served with Brazilian orange. The latter reveals a typical smell of Colognes, at the same time sweet, zesty and sparkling. What’s more, know that it is known for its many benefits.

The women of the high aristocracy of the 16th century did not hesitate to eat it every day in order to preserve their youth and their beauty… Much more than a simple perfume, Vânira Moorea would almost become a real elixir of youth. Finally, Tahitian vanilla appears here as being the major ingredient. In addition, there is no better smell to symbolize Polynesia. What is more, this one is particularly sought after by the great perfumers and appreciated for its harvest at maturity allowing it to deliver all its aromas. The rendering thus becomes the most addictive and the most carnal.

The Berdoues Grands Crus Collection

Of course, like each of the fragrances in the Grands Crus Collection, Vânira Moorea displays exceptional quality. In addition, it is a fragrance that one would say developed with the same care that goes into creating a great wine. After all, as Berdoues asserts: “Not just any wine is named Grand Cru. The same goes for perfumes. »Vânira Moorea is therefore in total harmony with the prestige of the Berdoues brand.

Indeed, it has been more than 100 years that this brand has been developing essences with the purest respect for French high perfumery. Each of its essences is a true guarantee of exception and refinement. It is therefore quite logical that the Grands Crus Collection was conceived. It is therefore a real desire to give back to Colognes their letters of nobility while perpetuating the tradition of perfumery and reappropriating it. Each Grand Cru then gives us a region of the world, offering us a unique interpretation of its olfactory flavors.

Vânira Moorea, the new exotic touch of Berdoues

Maison Berdoues is known throughout the world for its perfumed creations, synonymous with luxury and excellence. Each of its products resonates as a guarantee of exceptional quality. This is why the brand has chosen to develop a collection of fragrances called “Grands Crus”. Also, the year 2016 thus sees this assortment of the brand new Vânira Moorea expand. As its name suggests, this perfume is a nod to the exoticism of French Polynesia. It is a true concentrate of sun and good humor giving a foretaste of vacation before the hour.

The solar scent of Vânira Moorea

Like each of the perfumes in this collection, Vânira Moorea is a mixed essence. It thus seems to have captured the first rays of the sun of the year to bottle them. The rendering is particularly solar and exotic. It is notably dominated by a wild and carnal vanilla with very addictive notes. This olfactory blend is then declined around three major ingredients. Brazilian orange gives the whole a zesty, syrupy and aldehyde dynamism. Nevertheless, its freshness is worked here in a very gentle way. The rendering is typical of Colognes and highlights a vitality particularly appreciated during hot summer days. This is then accompanied by the petitgrain of Paraguay.

In reality, it is an essential oil resulting from the cross between bitter orange and sweet orange. The result is thus particularly floral but slightly herbaceous. It offers the whole a radiant luminosity somewhat comparable to that of orange blossom. Finally, as its name suggests, Vânira Moorea very clearly highlights Tahitian vanilla. Indeed, among the signatures of Polynesia, this ingredient is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable. What is more, it is particularly sought after by great perfumers because it has the particularity of being able to be harvested when ripe, thus delivering its aromas in all their fullness. The rendering thus becomes particularly voluptuous and very sensual.

The sunny look of the Berdoues bottle

Bien entendu, comme Vânira Moorea est issu de la Collection Grands Crus, il s’insère au creux du flacon typique de cet assortiment. Celui-ci est assez sobre et élégant, très épuré et classique. De forme rectangulaire, il repose sur une assise solide, comme fier d’afficher toute sa prestance. Taillé dans un verre épais, sa transparence nous laisse alors entrevoir la couleur de son jus. Le tout est cependant contrasté par l’ajout d’un bouchon noir opaque en totale opposition avec le reste de ce contenant. Néanmoins, notons que le verre de cet écrin est recouvert de multiples fleurs symbolisant à merveille l’image que l’on se fait des contrées polynésiennes. En l’occurrence, cela donne à Vânira Moorea des airs particulièrement festifs et estivaux. Enfin, vous noterez également que l’étiquette de ce parfum n’est pas sans évoquer celle d’un vin. Incontestablement, Berdoues semble avoir voulu jouer la carte de Grands Crus en tous points !

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