BrandBaume Essentiel, the new Chanel product for your complexion

Baume Essentiel, the new Chanel product for your complexion


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Baume Essentiel, the new Chanel product for your complexion
Baume Essentiel, the new Chanel product for your complexion

Chanel Essential Balm, an extra shine of light on your face

When it comes to make-up, trends change season after season. Techniques are perfected and the products offered by the biggest beauty brands are transformed according to discoveries. So, after the contouring of the famous Kim Kardashian, it was the turn of the strobing to make its appearance. If the first relied on the creation of shadow areas to give more relief to the face, strobing, meanwhile, relies on light to highlight your best assets. To accompany you in this new beauty gesture, Chanel has developed the Baume Essentiel, a concentrate of light that can be carried absolutely everywhere and is very easy to apply.

Chanel Essential Balm, a source of radiance on your skin

The Essential Balm is a new generation makeup product that was developed by Lucia Pica, Global Creative Designer for Makeup and Color at Chanel. With this product, she wanted above all to help women highlight their most beautiful assets, by depositing an additional touch of light. The Essential Balm is a concentrate of freshness to slide over your face. It subtly illuminates certain parts of your skin, to attract everyone’s attention. The texture of the Essential Balm gently melts on the face and applying this product is child’s play! You just have to twist the tube to see its color emerge.

Therefore, Chanel Essential Balm can be used absolutely everywhere, even without a mirror. Easy to carry and perfectly nomadic, it fits in any handbag and allows you to make small makeup touch-ups during the day. The Essential Balm gives the appearance of a fresher complexion. It is the secret of a radiant healthy glow that lasts from early morning until evening. Two different shades are then made available to women. Chanel’s Essential Balm exists in a transparent version for a luminous mirror effect, or in a sculpting version for a more pearly finish.

Apply Chanel Essential Balm well

Chanel Essential Balm is not like a classic foundation and is not intended to be applied to the entire face. It offers precise application and serves to obtain a more sophisticated makeup result. For this, it is used by small touches on certain localized areas. Its practical format allows it to be placed directly on the skin. Then, just blend it with your fingertips. The Essential Balm is ideal for creating plays of light and drawing radiant reflections on the skin. It can also be applied to the lips and eyelids. Moreover, know that it also acts as a protective shield because it reinforces the natural hydration of your skin surface.

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