BrandCartierBaiser Fou, Cartier's new accessible luxury

Baiser Fou, Cartier’s new accessible luxury


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Baiser Fou, Cartier's new accessible luxury
Baiser Fou, Cartier’s new accessible luxury

Buying a Cartier product has always been considered the ultimate luxury. In fact, the famous Place Vendôme brand has been promoting the image of French luxury for several decades now. She also became known as a jeweler before becoming a perfumer. But then, what can be the cost of the very last perfume of the house named Baiser Fou ?

The average price of perfumes in France

Before being a simple beauty product, perfume is a luxury product. Indeed, it is an integral part of the range of the greatest creative houses. However, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular high-end products in the world. In addition, perfume is the ideal gift and sales in perfumery are also there to testify. In this case, the month of December constitutes around 26% of the annual turnover of the perfume sector in France. As for the prices charged, they tend to go up from year to year. To give you an idea, a consumer today has to spend an average of 59 € to buy his favorite fragrance. Some even believe that the more expensive a perfume, the more it constitutes a guarantee of quality. But then,

The affordable price of the new Baiser Fou de Cartier

With its golden cabochon adorned with a sort of dazzling ruby, the Baiser Fou perfume is sure to make your head spin. This constitutes a sort of soliflore sewn mainly of orchid. This queen of perfumery has been sublimated here by one of the best perfumers in the world, the exclusive creator of fragrances for the Cartier house, the talented Mathilde Laurent. She already has a busy career marked by multiple awards. Also, it is all his know-how that we find in the new Baiser Fou. This perfume is therefore a compendium of excellence , both in terms of design and scent.

However, its price is in no way excessive and does not exceed the average price of current fragrances. In addition, on the site, it will cost you € 44 for 30 ml or € 59.50 for 50 ml. In comparison, know that this same perfume is sold for € 58.50 for 30 ml and € 77.90 for 50 ml at Nocibé. It is therefore up to you to appropriate a part of your dream in your daily life. A real bargain, the marketing of the perfume Baiser Fou is far from exceeding the average price of the best-selling feminine perfumes in France such as J’Adore de Dior at € 67 on average or the emblematic Chanel N ° 5 at 72 €.

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