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BrandAzzaroAzzaro's new Chrome Aqua box

Azzaro’s new Chrome Aqua box


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Azzaro's new Chrome Aqua box
Azzaro’s new Chrome Aqua box

All the freshness of Azzaro Chrome Aqua returns in a box

It was in 1996 that Azzaro’s first Chrome perfume made its appearance, inspired by intergenerational sharing, and more precisely by the bond uniting Loris Azzaro, founder of the brand, with his grandson. Since then, Chrome has become one of the brand’s most famous perfumes. Year after year, Chrome fragrances keep reinventing themselves. In 2019, he gave birth to Chrome Aqua. If you have not yet succumbed to its Mediterranean charm, know that it now exists in the form of a box, enough to offer you the big plunge in the heart of the Mediterranean!

Chrome Aqua, a box as lively as the Mediterranean!

Chrome Aqua opens a new chapter in Azzaro’s Chrome saga. However, he does not forget his predecessors and also has the Mediterranean as a source of inspiration. It must be said that Loris Azzaro is particularly proud of his origins and that he does not miss an opportunity to highlight them. Chrome Aqua is a particularly fresh fragrance, which offers us a plunge into the heart of the Big Blue. It is like a challenge that encourages us to always surpass ourselves and to take the plunge. A concentrate of emotions, it combines the freshness of the waves with the lush scent of Mediterranean nature. Chrome Aqua gives us a foretaste of vacation before its time and floats an airy freshness in your hot summer days!

The refreshing and aromatic scent of Chrome Aqua

Of course, the Chrome Aqua box contains a spray of the eponymous perfume. It is an excellent opportunity to discover or rediscover this already cult essence. At first, Chrome Aqua evokes the freshness of water by focusing on grapefruit. This citrus fruit, renowned for its bitterness, is here associated with a juicy green apple. These two ingredients immediately create a thrill, before being relayed by a more aromatic heart. Basil takes pride of place. It is reinforced with a marine note, like a wave coming to project itself on the Mediterranean cliffs. Winning in masculinity, Chrome Aqua ends with a base of vetiver. Note that its woody texture also improves the tenacity of this juice.

What is hidden in the Chrome Aqua Box?

On the aesthetic side, the Chrome Aqua box is both surprising but in line with the design of the Azzaro house. Unlike most rectangular boxes, it opts for a rounded silhouette. Evoking the limpidity of the blue waves of the Mediterranean, it is traversed by a very summery and festive turquoise blue color. Energizing at will, the Chrome Aqua box is also covered in pure white. Azzaro’s iconic letter A proudly displays at its center. You just have to remove the lid of this pretty box to discover the two products contained inside: a 50 ml spray of Chrome Aqua eau de toilette, accompanied as a gift by a kit of three Azzaro lenses.

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