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BrandAzzaroAzzaro for Her the Extreme version

Azzaro for Her the Extreme version


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Azzaro for Her the Extreme version
Azzaro for Her the Extreme version

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême, the scent of a domineering woman

Azzaro is a Franco-Italian designer house that is particularly known for its masculine fragrance Azzaro pour Homme. This one displays a recognizable odor to which a good number of men have already succumbed. Indeed, it is the bestseller of the house. However, the brand’s feminine essences display an equally pronounced character. In this case, the woman Azzaro made a lot of talk in 2015 thanks to the release of Azzaro Pour Elle. Also, the sensual scent of this perfume has just been revisited and you will soon be able to get drunk with the smell of the sublime Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême .

The seduction of the Azzaro woman

You couldn’t miss it in 2015: Azzaro Pour Elle had a particularly sensual publicity. In this case, it is the very pretty Ana Beatriz Barros who was responsible for embodying the face of this essence. The latter was then staged in a sumptuous hotel on the shores of Lake Como. She played a particularly seductive and domineering woman who did not hesitate to overthrow everything in her path to join the arms of the man so coveted. The Brazilian top then said to have loved playing the role of this woman who takes the lead and who is not shy. Moreover, she seems to stick perfectly to the image of this essence since she claims to be this kind of woman also in her private life. So, he just had to slightly overplay his true temper. Also, with the new Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême it is exactly this woman that we are talking about once again. However, her femininity and her seduction are still pushed to their limits. The Azzaro woman can not be more bewitching and disturbing and it is simply impossible to resist her charm.

The bewitching scent of Azzaro Pour Elle Extreme

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême was produced by the same perfumers as those who were in charge of the creation of its elder, namely Nathalie Lorson and Fabrice Pellegrin. The latter were very strongly inspired by the original Azzaro Pour Elle essence. However, they added a few more ingredients to it to enhance its charm. Thus, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême opens with a particularly fresh scent of cardamom which is however contrasted by the burning heat of saffron. Thus, liveliness mingles with a fiery temperament. In addition, two types of roses are emerging. These are the May rose and the Damask rose. Both are combined in overdose and thus come to affirm all the femininity of the Azzaro woman. Moreover, the delicacy of the essence is further enhanced by the light presence of lilies. Likewise, the peach is also part of the game and gives the whole a very velvety appearance. Finally, it all ends with a woody and sensual scent of cashmere wood. Likewise, incense emphasizesthe impetuous character of the Azzaro woman . Finally, a particularly rare ingredient in perfumery completes the scent of Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême. In addition, it is oud wood. The latter is known for its warm, sensual and resinous scent. It then enhances the part of mystery of the whole.

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