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BrandAzzaroAzzaro - Azzaro for Intense Men

Azzaro – Azzaro for Intense Men


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Azzaro for Intense Men
Azzaro for Intense Men

The seduction in the raw state of an Azzaro Homme Intense …

Azzaro Homme had already known how to speak to the hearts of elegant men who like to please but also to please themselves. The beautiful woodiness of 1978 has also become one of the bestsellers in men’s perfumery . The handsome masculine has made itself eternal thanks to brilliant variations such as Azzaro pour Homme l’Eau or even Azzaro pour Homme Night Time. All these magnificent bottles will be embodied by seducers as charming as they are sparkling.

Then in 2015, the Azzaro house took sensuality to the extreme with the intense composition of Olivier Pescheux, soberly but effectively named Azzaro Homme Intense. Inspired by the finest collections of spirits, Azzaro Homme Intense exudes virility and sensuality at its height.

“Like an amber, silky and powerful armagnac, Azzaro Pour Homme Intense brings a new passion, a charm as devastating as it is refined. »Azzaro for Azzaro pour Homme Intense.

Thus the beautiful dark juice will complete with its greedy but racy power the collection of the love essences of the Azzaro men. In order to offer a communication campaign commensurate with the magnetic powers of the fragrance, Azzaro relied on the young and handsome hero of the Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, to embody the juice.

Both visuals and advertisements are felted and of a rare elegance, so far it is clear that the warm and electric atmosphere of the filmed scenes hardly suggests anything other than a totally successful love outcome! And the Azzaro house, like its muse, take very well the high sensual and sexual content of its message: “what we wear, what we drive, the perfumes we spread on the body… It’s all about seduction. , sex. »Ian Somerhalder tells us for Azzaro Homme Intense.

However, the handsome and charming Azzaro Homme Intense not only has desire for conquest, he also has a big heart! Indeed the approach being rare, we must note that part of the funds gained by the sale of Azzaro Homme Intense was donated to the association headed by his muse, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF).

Azzaro Homme Intense or the powerful woody elixir that can be consumed without moderation

The beautiful bottle of Azzaro Homme is obviously kept to house the sensual elixir of Azzaro Homme Intense. Elongated shape and black cap still as virile, the juice has taken for this variation of beautiful amber hues making us dream of cognacs or armagnacs …

Azzaro Homme Intense opens with a note of royal cinnamon from Laos that is both very subtle but at the same time hot and spicy. Then, in the heart, Haitian vetiver mixes with languid notes of sandalwood with an undeniable oriental presence. Finally, the tonka bean from Venezuela brings its woody but also greedy flavor to form an intense and magnetic trail to the precious man of this Azzaro Homme Intense. Note that royal cinnamon, vetiver and tonka bean are all fair trade.

“A fragrance of contemporary elegance and virility, more opulent, more enveloping, under the effect of noble and powerful materials: the essence of seduction. »Azzaro Intense man for Azzaro.

Discover a more intense version of the essential Azzaro pour Homme fragrance for men, which combines light, depth and sensuality

Buy Azzaro Eau de Parfum for Men Intense at the best price at Fragrenza Perfumes.

A prestigious variation of Azzaro pour Homme, at the optimum concentration for an irresistible seduction …

Fragrance – Azzaro for Intense Men

Azzaro for Intense Men
Azzaro for Intense Men

Azzaro pour Homme Intense emphasizes the sensuality, charm and elegance of its composition. Aromatic, woody fragrance, it opens with cinnamon accords from Laos and continues in its heart with a note of Haitian Vetiver with a smoky trail, wet, cold and hot at the same time. The base consists of Tonka Bean from Venezuela.

Ian Somerhalder – Azzaro for Intense Men

A l’occasion du lancement de cette nouvelle version du classique Azzaro pour Homme, la brand met en avant sa nouvelle égérie l’acteur Ian Somerhalder notamment connu pour son rôle de Damon Salvator dans la série à succès Vampire Diaries.

Famille Olfactive : Fougère – Boisée – Ambrée

Notes de tête : Cannelle du Laos

Notes de cœur : Vétiver d’Haïti

Notes de fond : Fève Tonka du Venezuela

Retrouvez le au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire parfums : Azzaro pour Homme – Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Azzaro.

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