PerfumeMen's PerfumeAzur Riviera, a new Grands Crus Berdoues fragrance

Azur Riviera, a new Grands Crus Berdoues fragrance


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Azur Riviera, a new Grands Crus Berdoues fragrance
Azur Riviera, a new Grands Crus Berdoues fragrance

The collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues expands with the fragrance Azur Riviera

The Berdoues house is a benchmark in the world of perfumery . Since 1902, she has tried to develop fragrances that are always very successful and respectful of ancestral know-how. Berdoues creations are a guarantee of quality, authenticity and rarity. They are the nobility of French Haute Parfumerie. This family business has thus developed an assortment of exceptional perfumes called the Grands Crus collection. Today, this very refined range is further enriched by a newcomer named Azur Riviera.

When the Mediterranean sea spray invites itself in the Azur Riviera fragrance

Each fragrance from the Grands Crus collection is like a journey. Indeed, all these juices are inspired by a particular region of the globe and give us the scent. Here, as the name of this essence suggests, it is about the Mediterranean, and more exactly the Côte d’Azur. Azur Riviera is a radiant scent of sunshine and perfect for the summer season. It is presented to us in the bottle common to the entire collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues, with a rectangular, sober and refined silhouette.

This unisex perfume is offered to us in a 100 ml bottle. This time, its glass surface is covered with bluish designs forming waves. Thus, Berdoues clearly announces the color: Azur Riviera is a maritime and aquatic fragrance. As such, it revolves around three main ingredients. The algae give it a vegetal and saline scent. Jasmine, for its part, is more opulent, honeyed and warm. Finally, orange blossom illuminates all of its typically Mediterranean character. Azur Riviera is a scent similar to a wave washing up on a bed of white flowers. It is both invigorating and fresh, being easily worn in all circumstances and in all seasons.

The Berdoues Grands Crus collection

The Azur Riviera perfume comes from the Grands Crus de Berdoues collection. Each of these perfumes is directly inspired by Eaux de Cologne. Thus, all the Grands Crus are a dive into our history. The Eaux de Cologne constitute, in fact, the beginnings of our modern perfumery. However, don’t think that these are old-fashioned, old-fashioned juices here. The Grands Crus of Berdoues modernize the tradition. They all revolve around a raw material that they sublimate. The Grands Crus bring back the best of nature in its purest form. They are a strong testimony of the exceptional know-how of Berdoues. Pierre Berdoues said: “A perfume is like a musical accord, harmony results from a perfect composition of low and high notes. A perfumer, he is a composer who plays with essences like a musician with notes ”. Azur Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scores of Berdoues.

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