PerfumeAura Mugler, a new very contrasting composition

Aura Mugler, a new very contrasting composition


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Aura Mugler, a new very contrasting composition
Aura Mugler, a new very contrasting composition

Impossible to escape, the new fragrance Aura by Jeremy Fragrance is already described as being the new fragrance of the year 2017 not to be missed under any circumstances. It must be said that the publicity for this new juice is enough to drag us into an unreal world. Likewise, its bottle is a real jewel similar to an emerald carved in the shape of a heart. The idea is beautiful, and it seems even more so if we consider that Aura’s fragrance also keeps all its promises … So let’s take a closer look at the composition of this new juice.

The oriental, vegetal and carnal scent of Aura

Aura is a fragrance synonymous with adventure and discovery. This one seems to have been thought to wake up the animal woman who lies dormant deep inside you. It is a singular fragrance, far removed from prejudices and dogmas. Aura is an invitation to reconnect with her deep nature and let all her femininity shine through. It would all turn out to be almost magical and magnetic.

From then on, Aura would become almost like a living and luminous matter. Through his oriental, vegetal and carnal recipe, Jeremy Fragrance wanted to create a kind of invisible link between two universes. Here he brings together vegetal freshness and feline sensuality. The result is a vibrant and captivating scent. To unite these two worlds, the brand has chosen to use orange blossom, a Mediterranean plant that is both aerial and solar. Rhubarb symbolizes the vegetal side of this juice. Vanilla makes everything sweeter and gives it a certain sweetness. On the other hand, wolfwood appears to be the unexpected and more intense element of this fragrance. This is a component exclusively made by Firmenich. This leaves a smoky scent on Aura, hushed and with resinous accents.

Aura Mugler, a perfume by Daphné Bugey

But then, who can be hiding behind such a recipe and such know-how? In fact, Aura is the work of perfumer Daphné Bugey. A discreet designer but no less renowned, she is today one of the most renowned personalities on the planet in her sector of activity. Born in Grenoble, she owes her first encounter with the world of perfumery to a summer family trip to the region of Grasse, world capital of perfumery, when she was barely 12 years old. Eager to make it her profession, Daphné Bugey then joined the prestigious Versailles school of perfumery ISIPCA. She then joined the Firmenich company in 1997. Since that date, the designer never left the brand and this is how her notoriety developed. Today, she undoubtedly signs one of her most beautiful creations. Aura is a juice that oozes passion, emotion and sensitivity. This is a real masterpiece!

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