BrandArmaniArmani Code Colonia revisits the fern accord

Armani Code Colonia revisits the fern accord


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Armani Code Colonia revisits the fern accord
Armani Code Colonia revisits the fern accord

Whatever its universe of creation, the Armani house is illustrated by its sobriety and its refinement. Indeed, each of its fashion products depicts the image of an elegant wardrobe with a natural chic. Likewise, Armani makeup is always very pure. Thus, logically, the brand’s perfumes are no exception to the rule. They follow the same codes and convey the same elegance. As you can see, the new Armani Code Colonia fragrance is perfectly designed to match the rest of the Armani wardrobe. So let’s see how this translates into scents.

Armani Code Colonia, a perfume by Antoine Maisondieu

To make its new Code Colonia fragrance, the brand has chosen to call on Antoine Maisondieu. Grandson of Albert Camus, he is far from being unknown to the Italian brand. In addition, he had already worked on the development of the very first Armani Code Colonia, in collaboration with Antoine Lie. Art lover in general, he likes to let all his creativity express itself in each of his compositions. Coming from the prestigious Roure de Grasse perfume school, he is now one of the greatest perfumers on the planet. If for a few years now he has also been making feminine juices, he admits without complex that he has a natural attraction for perfumes for men.

Passionate about cinema, Antoine Maisondieu has a unique vision of the world. This allows him to give us a very artistic and personal approach to perfumery. He says above all that he wants to arouse emotion in his fragrances and this is precisely what we find from the first breath of Code Colonia. “I work, I smell, and until the product gives an emotion,” he says.

Armani reinterprets a classic perfume accord

With the Code Colonia perfume, Armani has taken on the challenge of recreating the sensation of a fern accord in a different way.

In this case, the fern is one of the seven olfactory families of perfumery. The name of this perfumed category comes from the first perfume in history with this composition: Fougère Royale, a juice that appeared in 1882. However, rest assured, Armani did not stupidly copy paste and completely revisited this breath. emblematic of men’s perfumery. Generally, a fern accord consists of a base of lavender, a floral heart of geranium and a base of oak moss.

Thus, Armani has strived to preserve the aromatic, spicy and woody blend of the fern while using other ingredients. Armani Code Colonia immediately gives off a feeling of citrus freshness. In addition, this scent combines bergamot with lemon and bitter orange. Likewise, the mandarin brings here a little more tangy aspect. This zesty first breath is also enriched with a more spicy sensation of pink pepper. Its heart, meanwhile, is full of flowers and aromatics. Armani Code Colonia notably contains orange blossom, scarlet sage and amyl salicylate, a molecule with a plant and floral scent. Finally, it all ends with the floral sweetness of heliotrope associated with a darker and enveloping flavor of tonka bean.

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