Beauty CareAnnayake Ultratime Anti-Weather Night to rejuvenate while sleeping!

Annayake Ultratime Anti-Weather Night to rejuvenate while sleeping!


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Annayake Ultratime Anti-Weather Night to rejuvenate while sleeping!
Annayake Ultratime Anti-Weather Night to rejuvenate while sleeping!

Annayake Ultratime Anti-Aging Night Cream, the youth care that acts while you sleep

Annayake’s story is almost 100 years old. It came to life thanks to Mr. Suzuki who made a cream specially designed for the needs of his wife’s skin. Quickly, the effectiveness of its formula made speak about it. Today, Annayake has extraordinary expertise and enjoys worldwide notoriety. However, the brand has never forgotten its origins and combines the best of Western cosmetics with its Asian roots. The Ultratime Anti-aging Night Cream fits perfectly into this philosophy. It brings instant comfort to your skin and acts durably to preserve it from the visible signs of aging.

Cellular renewal during the night

The skin is the main organ in your body. She is in direct contact with your environment and is therefore forced to adapt to it continuously. To do this, she spends most of her time, during the day, adapting to the atmosphere around her. It then occupies a defensive function. On the other hand, at night, she takes advantage of a lull to regenerate and recharge her batteries. This is when your body is resting that it works the most. The skin microcirculation is more intense during your sleep and it is estimated that it is around 1 a.m. that the activity of your epidermis is in full swing. What’s more, the skin is also more permeable at night. As a result, the day creams you apply to your face are generally better absorbed than those you give it in the morning. The night cream is therefore an essential treatment to preserve the youth of the epidermis. Particularly effective, it boosts nocturnal cellular activity and acts as a reinforcement coming to the aid of your skin.

Annayake Ultratime Anti-Aging Night Cream, a concentrate of energy

The Anti-time Night Cream Ultratime Annayakeis specifically designed to work while you sleep. It is a true concentrate of energy which provides reinforcement to your skin and which acts directly at the heart of your cells. It helps your skin surface to recover from the attacks it has suffered throughout the day. It thus prevents it from being marked by time and strengthens its naturally reconstructive system. The Annayake Ultratime Anti-aging Night Cream is particularly appreciated by fragile skin. Its supple and creamy texture instantly penetrates the heart of the skin, without leaving a sticky or unpleasant sensation behind. The Annayake Ultratime Anti-Aging Night Cream provides immediate comfort and incredible skin suppleness which is very pleasant when you wake up. Over time, your complexion appears brighter and your face looks more rested. Thanks to the effectiveness of the Ultratime Anti-Aging Night Cream, your face is ready to face a new day and displays a radiant complexion.

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