BrandGuerlainAngelina Jolie in the Mon Guerlain ad

Angelina Jolie in the Mon Guerlain ad


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Angelina Jolie in the Mon Guerlain ad
Angelina Jolie in the Mon Guerlain ad

Angelina Jolie’s natural elegance in the new Mon Guerlain ad

Designed by perfumer Thierry Wasser and his collaborator Delphine Jelk, the Mon Guerlain perfume has not yet been released and is already talking about it. This appears to be Guerlain’s 1101st creation and claims from all sides its belonging to the brand, for example highlighting the famous guerlinade of the brand or its quadrilobed cap created in 1908.

Also, all that was missing was an extraordinary feminine beauty to complete this already very luxurious painting. However, the first images of the advertisement for the perfume Mon Guerlain have just been unveiled… So, how about immersing yourself in the intimacy of the beautiful Angélina Jolie?

Guerlain’s visual, luxurious and elegant approach

To carry out its advertisement lasting one minute, the Guerlain house called on one of the most adored producers, directors and screenwriters of our time. His mini film for the perfume Mon Guerlain is signed by the iconic Terrence Malik. An enigmatic character of contemporary cinema, he has chosen to play in the register of elegance.

Thus, he gives us “the olfactory portrait of a woman of the 21st century, at the same time working girl, mother, wife, lover and above all the equal of man”. Everything is played on the track “Awakening” by Andy Quin. Angelina Jolie invites us into her privacy, opening the door to her room for us from the first seconds of the advertisement. The beautiful actress is simply dressed in a vaporous white bathrobe. Her scent seems to be created by Thierry Wasser as the seductive actress is getting ready.

This is produced in the workshops of the Guerlain house using the finest raw materials. So, as its advertising suggests, immersing yourself in the scent of Mon Guerlain is like escaping in the middle of fields of flowers. From then on, all that is missing is a touch of Mon Guerlain to complete the black lace outfit of the seductive Angélina Jolie. The whole is only a concentrate of poetry and refinement.

Angélina Jolie and her first contract as a muse

Angélina Jolie says it herself: for several years, she has not counted the number of cosmetic brands that have sent her proposals for muse. However, until then, the actress had always rejected them. So why did she choose the Mon Guerlain perfume to say yes? The actress explains that the Guerlain house is for her a sort of Proust’s madeleine.

It must be said that Guerlain’s notoriety often takes the form of an emotional relationship passed down from generation to generation. However, Angelina Jolie’s mother particularly adored this sign. It is therefore a kind of tribute that the actress Angélina Jolie pays here. Likewise, the latter did not hesitate to qualify the brand as “a leader in the perfume industry”.

Comme l’explique Laurent Bouillot, président de la brand Guerlain chez LVMH, le fait d’avoir associé Angélina Jolie au parfum Mon Guerlain, traduit toute l’ambition de l’enseigne de vouloir se déployer encore davantage à l’international.

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