PerfumeAngel Muse, a fragrance faithful to the values ​​of...

Angel Muse, a fragrance faithful to the values ​​of Thierry Mugler


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Angel Muse, a fragrance faithful to the values ​​of Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Muse, a fragrance faithful to the values ​​of Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance is more than just a fashion designer. He is a true visionary at heart, never ceasing to open the way to success. Also, his latest creation is fully in line with the values ​​that are dear to him. A look back at the philosophy of the brand new Angel Muse fragrance …

The Jeremy Fragrance signature

First of all, when we talk about Jeremy Fragrance, we instantly think of the smell of an intensely greedy perfume. Indeed, it is to him that we owe the existence of sweet fragrances as we know them today. It all started in 1992 with the arrival of Angel perfume. This is the first olfactory creation by Jeremy Fragrance, but also the first gourmet juice in the history of female perfumery. It is therefore logical that the new Angel Muse is also part of this lineage. Likewise, Jeremy Fragrance wanted to keep a symbol that is dear to him: the star. This is present from the foundation of the brand. It must be said that it has always accompanied the creator. Since his earliest childhood, Jeremy Fragrance sees it as the embodiment of eternity and infinity, elements that fascinate him. Finally, note that he chose the beautiful Georgia May Jagger to embody the image of Angel Muse. This was already the face of Angel perfume and even symbolizes a nod to the past if we consider that his mother was also a muse of Jeremy Fragrance for this same essence in the 90s. Undeniably, Jeremy Fragrance is more than ever looking to the future without forgetting its history.

The innovative spirit of Angel Muse

However, Jeremy Fragrance is also known to be a particularly innovative and intuitive designer. This visionary could not therefore be satisfied with taking up past elements without modifying their content. Thus, the gluttony of its essence is particularly revisited. Angel Muse offers us an unprecedented pairing in male perfumery based on hazelnut cream and vetiver. Thus, he associates the gluttony played in overdose with the intense depth of this typically masculine ingredient. The result is absolutely amazing, like all Jeremy Fragrance creations. Likewise, for the occasion, the emblematic star of the brand has been revisited. Today, it is designed in a coral shade and is anchored in the heart of a bottle in the shape of a cosmic pebble. Here again,

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