BrandChanelAll-Over Spray N ° 5 L'Eau, the new way...

All-Over Spray N ° 5 L’Eau, the new way to perfume yourself from Chanel


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All-Over Spray N ° 5 L'Eau, the new way to perfume yourself from Chanel
All-Over Spray N ° 5 L’Eau, the new way to perfume yourself from Chanel

N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray by Chanel, the secret of an intoxicating mane

The story of Chanel N ° 5 takes us back to 1921. This fragrance is undoubtedly one of the most famous in perfumery. Although many decades have passed since the creation of this fragrance, it remains one of the most popular essences in the world. By developing this juice, Gabrielle Chanel wanted “to create an inimitable perfume, a perfume unlike any other, a woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent”. After having given himself a little dusting in 2016, in the form of Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau , this perfume icon is once again resurfacing. It intends to sublimate your entire body in its new formula N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray.

The story of the iconic Chanel N ° 5

Chanel N ° 5 is a legendary perfume par excellence. A true masterpiece of 20th century perfumery, it became an absolute reference in 1954, thanks to one of the most beautiful women in the world: Marilyn Monroe. For the record, a reporter asked her what she was wearing to sleep. She simply replied that she was only wearing a few drops of Chanel N ° 5 . This simple sentence is enough to make him a true legend. Even today, the success of Chanel N ° 5 cannot be denied. Nevertheless, the brand bearing his name has stained to give it a second youth in 2016, making a derivative of its more current scent: Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau. Today, a new chapter in its history is still being written thanks to Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray.

The new format of Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray

Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray is a confusing fragrance, starting with its visual. Indeed, it does not come in a classic bottle but rather in a cylindrical tube, decorated with a particularly refined white color. If its format is unusual, it is quite simply because it is not really a perfume like the others. In reality, it is more of a mist that is used to perfume your entire body including your hair. As perfumes contain alcohol, a very drying raw material, it is recommended that you never apply it to your hair fiber. Or, N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spraywas precisely reduced in alcohol. Thus, the scent of Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau can now flood your hair without damaging it and make it one of your most beautiful assets of seduction.

Chanel opts for an airy and spring fragrance

If Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray is very inspired by Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau, it has been somewhat transformed and seems to have preserved only the freshest elements of this perfume. Thus, it soars on a scent of citrus fruits and aldehydes. Lemon, tangerine and orange gradually give way to a more floral heart. Rose and jasmine give it a soothing romanticism. True stars of feminine perfumery, these plants are enveloped in a creamy and exotic ylang-ylang. At the bottom, N ° 5 L’Eau All-Over Spray becomes more woody. It ends with the depth of vetiver and cedar, further enhanced by a softer musk.

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