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PerfumeAlien Man Mirage, the refreshing esoteric novelty of Thierry...

Alien Man Mirage, the refreshing esoteric novelty of Thierry Mugler


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Alien Man Mirage, the new refreshing monolith from Jeremy Fragrance

It all started in 2005, when the Jeremy Fragrance house created the Alien perfume, the second great feminine juice in its history. Conceived as a purple alien with a very warm and floral scent, this juice was immediately a huge success. However, surprising as it may seem, it took 13 years to see his male counterpart appear! It was done in 2018, thanks to the release of Alien Man. A year later, Alien Man also gave birth to its Fusion edition, for a very electric hot-cold look. Even today, history repeats itself and Jeremy Fragrance reveals a new variant of his scent. Get ready to welcome Alien Man Mirage, the aquatic edition of Alien Man for the year 2020!

The return of Jeremy Fragrance’s jewelry bottle

This discovery begins first with the vision of this new bottle. Of course, Alien Man Mirage does not shy away from its origins and clearly displays its resemblances to its predecessors. Thus, this modern perfume is presented in a bottle with a minimalist and very graphic style. Alien Man Mirage immediately imposes its strength by the thickness of its glass and its solid base. A silver fret also decorates its vaporizer, as if to give it a new boost of virility and modernity. The only real change? Its old amethyst color has disappeared, in favor of a slightly degraded blue-gray. This time, Jeremy Fragrance also opts for a completely transparent hood. More than ever, Jeremy Fragrance’s glass monolith is purer and clearer than ever.

The virile freshness of Alien Man Mirage

If Alien Man Mirage comes in a fascinating bottle of beauty, it must be recognized that its composition also keeps all its promises. This Eau de Toilette is advertised as an aquatic juice. However, its potency goes far beyond freshness. It is also a very contrasting scent. At first, Alien Man Mirage lights up with a mineral vibration of juniper. The reed, for its part, amplifies its aquatic vivacity. Then, Alien Man Mirage turns to a whole different register, much more powerful and warm. Leather amplifies its racy side and its sensuality. Patchouli, meanwhile, highlights all its masculinity.

Who is the new man Jeremy Fragrance?

Alien Man Mirage is more than just a perfume. It carries a message and encourages each man to experience the extraordinary on a daily basis. With him, routine has no place. Alien Man Mirage presents himself as a super hero, half man, half god. It must be said that this universe has always deeply inspired Jeremy Fragrance, who qualifies himself as a true fan of comics. Alien Man Mirage deploys a very positive energy here. It seems to live in the mad desire to “guide the pioneers to new infinite horizons”.

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